Totally 80s Theme Party Supplies

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  • $26.99
    Totally 80s Tableware Kit for 16 Guests
  • $53.99
    Totally 80s Tableware Kit for 32 Guests
  • $1.99
    Totally 80s Dessert Plates 8ct 7in x 7in Paper Plates
  • $3.19
    Totally 80s Dinner Plates 8ct 10in x 10in Paper Plates
  • $1.79
    Totally 80s Beverage Napkins 16ct 5in x 5in Paper Napkins
  • $2.19
    Totally 80s Lunch Napkins 16ct 6 1/2in x 6 1/2in Paper Napkins
  • $1.89
    Totally 80s Cups 8ct 9oz Paper Cups
  • $3.45 50% Off MSRP: $6.90
    Totally 80s Table Cover 54in x 102in Plastic Table Cover
  • As low as $0.90
    Custom Totally 80s Invitations
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  • As low as $1.00
    Custom Totally 80s Thank You Notes
    Save $10 with $50 purchase. Code: SAVE10
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  • As low as $19.99
    Custom Totally 80s Banner 6ft
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  • $0.59
    Totally 80s Cutout 11 1/2in x 10 1/2in Cardstock Decoration
  • $9.99
    Totally 80s Room Decorating Kit 10pc Cardstock & Paper Decorations
  • $29.99
    Totally 80s Super Decorating Kit
  • $4.99
    Totally 80s Foil Banner 25ft Foil Decoration
  • $5.99
    Totally 80s Swirl Decorations 12ct Cardstock & Plastic Decorations
  • $7.99
    Totally 80s Paper Lanterns 3ct 9 1/2in Paper Decorations
  • Now $5.99 Was:$6.99
    Zebra Paper Fan Decorations 6ct Paper Decorations
  • $6.99
    Totally 80s Cutouts 30ct Cardstock Decorations
  • $44.99
    Totally 80s Deluxe Decorating Kit
  • $3.99
    Totally 80s String Decorations 6ct 7ft Foil Decorations
  • $6.99
    Zebra Balloons 20ct - Black & Pink 12in Latex Balloons
    Save 10% off balloons with purchase of a helium tank
  • Now $4.00 Was:$9.99
    Boombox Balloon 38in Foil Balloon
    Save 10% off balloons with purchase of a helium tank
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  • $16.99
    Totally 80s Balloon Bouquet
    Save 10% off balloons with purchase of a helium tank
  • $6.99
    Totally 80s Scene Setter 2pc 32 1/2in x 65in Plastic Decorations
  • $19.99
    Totally 80s Room Roll 40ft x 4ft Vinyl Decoration
  • $0.99
    Totally 80s Paint Splatter Fedora 10 1/2in x 6in Plastic Hat
  • Now $2.99 Was:$3.99
    Multicolor 80s Moustaches 10ct 2 1/2in x 3/4in Synthetic Fiber Accessories
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  • $9.99
    Neon Totally 80s Sunglasses 10ct 5 3/4in x 5 1/4 Plastic Accessories
  • $9.99
    Totally 80s Printed Glasses 10ct Plastic Accessories
  • $3.99
    Totally 80s Buttons 10ct 1in Plastic Accessories
  • $4.99
    Multicolor 80s Bead Necklaces 10ct 30in Plastic Necklaces
  • $38.99
    Totally 80s Pinata Kit 18in x 3 1/2in Pinata
  • $34.99
    Totally 80s Pinata Kit with Favors 18in x 3 1/2in Pinata
  • $19.99
    Pull String Totally 80s Pinata 18in x 18in x 3 1/2in Pinata
  • $36.99
    Totally 80s Pinata Kit with Candy & Favors
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Totally 80s Theme Party — 80s Party Supplies

Admit it — we all miss the decade of mullets and bad hair, glam rock, and pop diva outfits that look like they're thrown together but actually takie form after hours of planning and weeks of thrift store spelunking. 80s party supplies give you that old 80s vibe in one convenient shopping location, starting with outlandish patchwork tableware (it's an 80s party; the glamwear is the focus but you've still got to eat), moving through the themed decorations of boom box balloons and animal print lanterns, and heading full throttle to the costumes and accessories you care about the most. 80s party girl costumes, 80s valley girl and pop queen dresses, 80s bouffant wigs, slotted glasses, and fingerless gloves — they're all here, ready to help you make a splashy entrance, 80s style. You provide the food, drink, and superficial electronic percussion music while we provide the rest: a Totally 80s Theme Party that's totally escapist and fun. So put on your dance shoes and leave your MP4 player in the car — only boom boxes are allowed!

Throw a righteous bash with Totally 80s party supplies! Featuring totally rad designs in neon colors such as boomboxes, cassette tapes, animal prints, sunglasses, and more, these Totally 80s party supplies will make 80s party guests feel like they've stepped back into the 80s. Dudes and dudettes will be stoked when they see Totally 80s swirl decorations and Totally 80s paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Showcase a Totally 80s scene setter near the buffet table to add a totally cool vibe to your 80s party decor. Get ready to party hardy with a Totally 80s room roll and make sure to top off Totally 80s party decor with complementary solid-color decorations, including paper lanterns, streamers, and balloons for a party that they'll think is totally tubular. Serve the 80s party peeps on a Totally 80s table cover, which features neon colors and animal prints. With totally awesome neon paper plates and neon paper napkins, your 80s party will turn into one rad celebration. Dude! When they see party favors such as bandanas, bead necklaces, and buttons, your 80s party will make the A-team. Keep them in a majorly good mood after the party is over when you send them home with fun Totally 80s party favors. Perfect for transporting guests to the era of neon, boomboxes, and totally rad dudes and dudettes, these Totally 80s party supplies are a must for your next 80s party!