Custom Designer Dracula Fangs

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The original vampire fangs in a coffin! Create the ultimate vampire costume with our Designer Dracula Fangs. Custom Designer Dracula Fangs are Perfect Bite Fangs made of non-toxic, custom formulated Alpha 1 thermoplastic to create the perfect fit over your own teeth, streamlined for comfort and double chambered for superior anchoring. Easy step instructions included. Package includes one pair of Custom Designer Dracula Fangs in a novel plastic coffin case with application materials.

Custom Designer® Dracula Fangs™ ©1994-2009 Dracula House™.

CAUTION - Do not use over braces or caps.

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Way better than I hoped for


I was skeptical about spending this much for a costume prop but these were totally worth it. The thermoplastic can be molded and remolded as much as necessary, Make sure to read the instructions before applying. The trick is sweeping the plastic back and flush with your teeth for a secure hold. I t took me a few shots to get a clean result but once I did they snap in and out super easy and I don't worry about them falling out. I might not suggest eating with them in but drinking should be just fine . Ladies, you should get the smaller "Sexy Bites" for a more comfortable fit with less lisp. My lisp is minor but present because I bought a pair a bit too big for my mouth but that was my fault not the product's. I can close my mouth completely and have no trouble wearing them for extended periods.

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Custom Designer Dracula Fangs

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