Adult Ladybug Wings

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Put on these Ladybug Wings to be the prettiest bug at the party. Our stylized Ladybug Wings feature translucent red, half moon shaped wings with ornate polka dot accents and a jeweled black organza bow at the center. Ladybug Wings attach via comfortable shoulder straps and fit most teens and adults.

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Beautiful wings!


These are beautiful. Just what we needed for our show!


Gorgeous, but unwieldy.


Looked awesome and fit well, but they were pretty big and I kept knocking into people and knocking things over at the halloween party I went to! Probably an issue with all wings, but it's something to keep in mind.


Nice wings but the sparkles get everywhere.


The wings themselves are really nice and wear well, but on my wings the black sparkles that were supposed to be on the dots, were also in patches on the lower right red part of the wing, which I tried to pick off but to no avail. The red gem on the back of the wings also was loose in the package and I will try to glue that back on.

Vancouver, BC


Adult Ladybug Wings

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