Twinkle Boy First Birthday Party Ideas

Twinkle Boy First Birthday Party Ideas

Your little star has grown so much and come so far! That’s why twinkle little star the perfect theme to celebrate the first year of your little boy. From decorations to treats and more, these ideas will inspire you to host a starstruck first birthday party!

Twinkle Boy First Birthday Highchair Idea

Idea 1: Make him a star with this stunning setup

You’ll need a setup that’s picture-perfect for your little star. Decorate his highchair by adding stars to a cloth pennant banner attached to high highchair tray. Then adhere on the wall blue and white paper fluffies along with hanging stars. For a finishing touch, drape blue and silver streamers along with hanging star swirls.

Twinkle Boy First Birthday Smash Cake

Idea 2: Simple makes for a smashing success!

Your little boy’s first birthday cake needs to be a smashing success for you and him. Here’s the simple is the trick to making a twinkle little star smash cake idea so appealing: buttercream. Just pipe a six-inch cake in rose-like swirls—your little star will love getting his hands into the soft icing—and add a blue one candle on top. You’ll love how the cake looks good before and after it takes a hit.

Twinkle Boy Photo Garland Idea

Idea 3: A touch of tulle takes decor over the moon!

It’s easy to turn simple into swoon-worthy. A touch of tulle makes a first-year photo garland an eye-catching accent. Simply tie strips of tulle along between the photos, and place the garland on a mantel or on the wall. You’ll get stars in your eyes looking back at his first year.

Twinkle First Birthday Balloon Wall Idea

Idea 4: They’ll love how you aimed for the stars with this idea

Create a balloon backdrop that twinkles like a diamond in the sky! Use white balloons as clouds and attach Mylar star balloons in silver and blue. Then add a banner that reads “twinkle” as a way to tie the backdrop to the twinkle little star theme.

Twinkle First Birthday Donuts Idea

Idea 5: Turn this scrumptious snack into delicate and delicious treat

You’re celebrating the first year of your little one, so it makes sense to serve up a treat that’s just as cute. Scrumptious donuts become an adorable treat when made with a mini donut maker. All you need is your favorite cake mix, white icing and blue sugar sprinkles. Serve on a scalloped white platter to create a delicate and delicious presentation.

Twinkle Star Cupcakes Idea

Idea 6: It’s the details that make cupcakes shine so bright!

Your guests will get stars in their eyes when eyeing this treat. Make classic cupcakes star-worthy for your little one’s twinkle little star first birthday by using silver baking liners and decorating with stars cut from blue fondant. You can also use star-shaped sprinkles for the same star-worthy effect.

First Birthday Lollipop Centerpiece

Idea 7: Here’s a cute centerpiece that’s star-worthy

It’s not hard to reach for the stars when creating this lollipop centerpiece. Start with a Styrofoam ball, small lollipop candies like Dum Dums pops, and a small pot or a vase. Stick the lollipops all around the ball but leave an empty area big enough to rest evenly on the mouth of the small pot or the vase. Add twinkle star-themed centerpiece sticks to the candy topiary to make the decor simply "one-derful"!