12 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

With everyone staying home, it becomes even more important to make moments that bring joy to your household, especially the children. A simple way to create joy at home is to do something extra special for the upcoming holidays. 

Spring is in the air, which means Easter's around the corner. Here are twelve ideas to add a new twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt. Add your own details to the theme you choose and incorporate costumes, props, and decorations that help bring it to life.

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A backdrop of mermaid and under the sea decorations.

1. Mermaid Egg Hunt

Once in a blue moon the Easter Bunny visits the undersea kingdom of the mermaids. In honor of his visit the mermaids give him purple-blue sparkling eggs to hide for just a few lucky children. How the eggs came to be remains a mystery, even to the Bunny himself. Out of respect for the mermaids and their wonderful hospitality, he dutifully hides them come Easter. The fortunate children who discover the merm-eggs get special treats inside.

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An arrangement of fillable dinosaur eggs.

2. Dinosaur Egg Excavation

Scientists say that the neighborhood was once teeming with dinosaurs. The people that lived in the house before you found a fossilized dinosaur egg right in the backyard. The Easter Bunny has pointed the way to more dinosaur eggs waiting to be excavated (and magically filled them with special treats). Don your pith helmets, grab a shovel and brush, and get excavating!

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A package of fillable space eggs.

3. Space Egg Adventure

Could eggs from Saturn have ended up in the yard? Only if the legends are true! It is said that the Easter Bunny doesn't just hide eggs for children here on Earth, but children on other planets as well. And sometimes, the bunny brings eggs from the planets he visits to hide here on Earth for just a few special children. Who knows what the eggs may contain! Saturnian slime? Martian marshmallows? You'll have to locate the eggs to learn what's inside!

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A giant golden egg.

4. The Golden Goose's Egg

In a castle in the clouds, a princess has a golden goose that lays her golden eggs. The Easter Bunny visits the princess to give her his eggs in exchange for golden eggs from her golden goose. He takes the golden eggs, fills them with special surprises, and hides them as a reward for only the most wonderful children.

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Three scaly and colorful dragon eggs.

5. Dragon Egg Hunt

The Emerald Dragons fly in the land of dreams, and the Fire Dragons stay warm inside their volcanic lairs. But when the Easter Bunny visits, the dragons come together to give the Bunny eggs, which he then hides for select children who believe in dragons. These eggs contain delicious sweets unlike anything humans can create.

A pile of colorful metallic eggs.

6. Robot Eggs

The future is now. The Easter Bunny has been spacetime tunneling into a universe where robots have created their own society and make energy eggs to fuel themselves. The Bunny has brought back some of these shiny metallic energy eggs and hid them in this very backyard. Strangely enough, the substance the eggs contain is fuel for humans too: an edible delight, sweet as can be!

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A young girl wearing bunny ears and a unicorn horn surrounded by Easter eggs.

7. Unicorn Eggs

The Easter Bunny is friends with the unicorns of the enchanted forest. He often visits them and takes time learn their secret art of making magic eggs. The Bunny takes some of these purplish-pink eggs to hide for only those children who believe in unicorns.

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Enhance Any Easter Egg Hunt

These next ideas apply to any Easter egg hunt, whether or not you put a special twist on it. Organize the hunt as a cooperative game, adorn the hunting grounds with decorations, make magical bunny dust with the kids, or do all three! Even after all that, there's still room for introducing an enchanting story, like the Mystery of the Mermaid Eggs.

A person in an Easter Bunny costume.

8. Involve the Easter Bunny

Have the Easter Bunny make an appearance! Mom or Dad can dress up as the Easter Bunny and strategically let the children catch a glimpse of the bunny hiding the eggs. It's the perfect way to create excitement and bring the egg hunt to life.

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A bottle of Easter Bunny dust.

10. Make Bunny Dust

Make bunny dust with the children and sprinkle it where you want the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs. Create the dust with a mixture of glitter, carrot icings, shredded flower petals, and confetti in paschal colors.

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A collection of large ombre eggs with names written on them.

10. Organize a Cooperative Game

Hide eggs specifically for each child. To mark the eggs out, you can write the children's names on them or give each child a particular color of egg to find. Tell the little egg hunters that there will be more eggs to find but only after every child has found their first batch of eggs. This way, the children who find their eggs first will help the children still looking so that they all can move to the next round.

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A baby boy in bunny ears with Easter eggs around him.

11. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Hide eggs around the house and yard and leave a clue with each cache of eggs that leads to the next cache. With a starting clue, the children can work together to find all the eggs, with the best Easter surprise saved for last.

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12. Decorate the Easter Egg Hunt Grounds

Adorn your yard with balloons, streamers, signs, and more to create a festive landscape for the Easter egg hunt. The children will love seeing moss bunnies, birds' nests with chickees, and other Easter-themed surprises nestled around the yard while they hunt for eggs.

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