Girls Nerd Accessory Kit 10pc

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Nerds can be cool and adorable, especially in a Nerd Accessory Kit for girls! This accessory kit includes everything you need to give your studious Halloween nerd costume cute and fashionable flare. This kit includes a chic-geek headband with a blue and black bow, a set of thick black-rimmed glasses, suspenders, five removable pins, a neck tie, and of course, a standard pocket protector that reads "I Love Nerds." Use this Nerd Accessory Kit to showcase your inner nerd at your Halloween party or dress-up party.

Girls Nerd Accessory Kit includes:

  • Headband, 4in wide
  • Glasses, 6in wide
  • Suspenders
  • 5 removable pins, 1in diameter
  • Neck tie, 2 1/2in wide x 9 1/2in long
  • Pocket protector, 3 1/2in wide x 6in long

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