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  • Make each party the best ever!
  • Make a difference in all of your celebrations!

About Us

Party City Holdco Inc. designs, manufactures, contracts for manufacture and distributes party goods, including paper and plastic tableware, metallic and latex balloons, Halloween and other costumes, accessories, novelties, gifts and stationery throughout the world. In addition, the Company operates specialty retail party supply stores in the United States and Canada, principally under the names Party City and Halloween City, and e-commerce websites, principally through the domain name PartyCity.com. The Company also franchises both individual stores and franchise areas throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, principally under the name Party City.

Accessibility on PartyCity.com

At Party City, we are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access the goods, services, and privileges offered on Party City's web site www.partycity.com. If you are having trouble accessing www.partycity.com or www.partycity.ca, please call us at (800) 727-8924, or fill out the contact us form by clicking here, so that we can assist you.

We are aware that there are some areas on www.partycity.com where we could improve accessibility. We are currently working to improve accessibility throughout our website.