Prehistoric Dinosaur Party Ideas

Prehistoric Dinosaur Party Ideas

Uncover great dinosaur-themed party ideas! Your birthday boy or girl will love leading their friends on an exciting dinosaur adventure!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Balloon Idea

Idea 1: Roar and soar with fun balloons!

Make your decorations fly high just like a Pterodactyl with our selection of Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Balloons! You can order balloons from your local Party City store or choose your own bouquet online along with a helium tank to create a balloon masterpiece at home!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Costume Idea

Idea 2: Dress up dino-style!

Turn your little guy into a true prehistoric dinosaur with our selection of fulldinosaur costumes. Let him choose from our collection, including T-Rex, Triceratops and more! Your dino dude will get into costume and in character. Let the prowling begin!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Birthday Outfit Idea

Idea 3: Explore more with Prehistoric Dinosaurs accessories

If your birthday boy has his own special birthday outfit already picked out, he can still dress up with our variety of Prehistoric Dinosaurs accessories. Pin a ribbon to his shirt, provide him with a magnifying glass and top it off with a hat. Let's start an adventure!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Cupcake Tower Idea

Idea 4: Make a mighty cupcake tower

Make cupcakes look like a prehistoric volcano! Bake up the birthday boy's favorite kind of cupcakes in Gold Foil Baking Cups, cover them in dinosaur figures and top off your mega creation with Prehistoric Dinosaurs Candles. He'll roar with glee!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Dress Up Gear Idea

Idea 5: Turn the rest of the herd into dino lovers, too!

Let your party guests jump into the prehistoric age. At the door, give them some Prehistoric Dinosaurs apparel with hats, Dinosaur Noses and wristbands that will get them feeling like dinosaurs themselves!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Drink Idea

Idea 6: Mix up some Prehistoric Punch

Roaring like a dinosaur is sure to work up a thirst! Be prepared with a Prehistoric Punch of orange and pineapple juices with slices of fruit. With our Prehistoric Dinosaurs Cups, straws, napkins and tablecovers, serving and spill-prevention are a snap!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Favor Bar

Idea 7: Scavenge the fossil fields with a favor bar station

Let your little Paleontologists discover treasures with a Prehistoric Dinosaur dig! Fill a clear tray with popular items like fun wristbands, tiny dinosaur figurines, Prehistoric Dinosaurs tattoos and more. Make sure to have some Prehistoric Dinosaurs Favor Bags so paleo-pals can collect their super-cool goodies.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Favor Bucket Idea

Idea 8: Shake things up with unique favors

Give your paleontologists a pale full of party favors! Stuff our Prehistoric Dinosaurs Favor Container with all kinds of goodies, from wristbands to pencils, bubbles to paddleballs. The adventure continues after the party ends!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Favor Cup Idea

Idea 9: Give favors in reusable Prehistoric Dinosaurs Cups

Even when your party is over, the fun doesn't have to be! Create favors that your little dinos will talk about until the end of time with our Prehistoric Dino Favor Cup, candy, figurines, pencils and more. Let the good times roar!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Idea 10: Go with a Prehistoric Dinosaurs favor pack

Dinosaurs might have run out of time, but you won't with the help of our Prehistoric Dinosaurs Favor Value Pack! With enough fun favors for up to eight guests, this fully equipped pack easily fills the included favor bags with dinosaur figurines, activity sheets, wooly balls and more.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Invite with Favor Idea

Idea 11: Hand-deliver your invites with a Prehistoric Dinosaurs favor!

Get guests ready for a roaring good time! For hand-delivered invitations, punch a hole in the corner of the envelope and attach a pre-party favor like a Dinosaur Bookmark or Wristband with some curling ribbon. Let the prehistoric party fun begin!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Invite with Surprise Idea

Idea 12: Turn up the heat on Dinosaur invitations!

Put prowling predators in your invitation envelopes with our Prehistoric Dinosaurs tattoos and confetti! For extra fun, tell your guests to wear their tattoo on the day of the party for a special prehistoric party pass!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Nugget Lunch Idea

Idea 13: Food they'll want to dig into!

Give your little adventurers the fuel they need to look for fossils! Make a meal of dino-shaped chicken with vegetation to dip in primordial hummus or ancient onion dip, all served on Prehistoric Dinosaurs Lunch Plates with matching napkins.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Party Table Idea

Idea 14: Create a world of science

Great big T-Rexes, mighty Triceratops and scaly Stegosaurus all roam freely around your party room with our Prehistoric Dinosaurs party decoration ideas! Easily create a land of the lost with coordinating Prehistoric Dinosaurs decorations like banners, tableware and balloons – we'll show you how!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Pin-It Game Idea

Idea 15: Play the Prehistoric Dinosaurs Party Game

Step up your paleontology power when you play the Prehistoric Dinosaurs Party Game, a fun twist on the classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Boys take turns placing bones on the dinosaur skeleton while blindfolded. Watch the roaring fun begin!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Pinata Game Idea

Idea 16: Battle a T-Rex during pinata time

Go up against a big T-Rex with our selection of T Rex pinatas and pinata Fillers! Stuff the pinatas with tasty candy and dinosaur-themed party favors. Don't forget to give your prehistoric pals a favor bag to collect their goodies!

Prehistoric Dinosaur Place Setting Idea

Idea 17: Set an awesome party table

Set a table fit for carnivores and herbivores with Prehistoric Dinosaurs tablewarelike plates, napkins and cups. Make the tablewares standout using a themed table cover and fun favors like wristbands, dinosaur figures and more!

Prehistoric Dinosaur T-Rex Cake Idea

Idea 18: A dinosaur cake will make them roar for dessert

Our Dinosaur Cake Pan makes the birthday boy's favorite flavor extra fun! It's fun and easy to pipe icing onto this cute cake shape, and your little dinos will roar with delight at their creative dessert.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Thank You Note Idea

Idea 19: Add a snapshot for memorable thank you notes

Send a special thank you note that will remind your guests of the special time they had celebrating with you at the party! During the festivities, take a photo of the birthday boy with each dino pal and their prehistoric props. Include this fun photo in your Prehistoric Dinosaurs Thank You Notes for an ending as fun as fossils!