Ice Cream Party Favors

by Vanessa Coppola

Cute party favors that are also practical make me happy! I am currently planning an ice cream-themed birthday party parade. I'll be inviting my local ice cream man to pass out treats to the guests as they drive through the parade. At the end of the parade, I'll pass out ice cream party favors, which have matching treat cups, spoons, and sprinkles. All I have to do is add the ice cream!

Ice Cream Party Favors


  • Mini Ice Cream Piñatas 
  • Treat Cups
  • Blue Favor Containers 
  • White Crinkle Paper
  • Bright Pink Spoons
  • Twisty Lollipops
  • Rainbow Nonpareils
  • Optional: Bright Pink Adhesive Vinyl, Pink Washi Tape
Ice Cream Party Favors


Step 1. Use a digital cutting machine to cut an ice cream cone image out of adhesive vinyl. Then, use transfer paper to attach the vinyl to the favor container.

A bowl of white crinkle paper.

Step 2. Fill the favor container half full with white crinkle paper.

Ice cream-themed decorations

Step 3. Place two treat cups on top of the crinkle paper, and place a Mini Ice Cream Piñata Decoration on top of the treat cups.

Ice cream-themed decorations

Step 4. Add a bottle of rainbow nonpareils and a twisty lollipop to the container.

Ice cream-themed decoration

Step 5. Attach two spoons to the outside of the favor container using washi tape, or just place them inside the container.

Completed ice cream decoration

Step 6. Hand the buckets out to party guests. They just need to add ice cream to enjoy!

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