21 Balloon Centerpiece Ideas

Balloon centerpieces inflate your party design with whimsical delight. Centerpieces generally require less time to put together than arches, backdrops or columns, while packing a powerful visual punch. 

Choose a centerpiece to highlight your party theme, adorn your party table and pull your decor together. Try a balloon centerpiece as the finishing touch for your party design! No helium on hand? No problem, none required for these DIY designs. Get your balloons to get started!

A balloon centerpiece with a transparent mermaid themed balloon in the center and latex and mylar balloons underneath.

Magical Mermaid Balloon Centerpiece 

Swim in inspiration with this mermaid themed balloon arrangement. Start with a base of foil lavender round balloons, then add a layer of 5-inch blue latex balloons. Top the centerpiece with a translucent Mermaid balloon to complete this magical look. Have you seen our complete list of Mermaid party ideas?

Balloon centerpiece assembled with a foil balloon at the center and a layer of small and a layer of regular size latex balloons underneath.

L.O.L. Surprise! Balloon Centerpiece

A foil purple and pink L.O.L Surprise! balloon is the cherry stacked on top of this birthday party eye candy. Mini purple latex balloons dressed with dark pink curling ribbon create the second layer of this centerpiece. The bottom layer is made using pink latex balloons with white polka dots. The centerpiece is weighted with a water balloon at the base. Follow the easy L.O.L Surprise! how-to and create this for your next birthday party! 

A balloon centerpiece with a clear container as a base, five light up balloons as a base layer, and a large latex center balloon at the top.

DIY Light-Up Balloon Centerpiece

Brighten up the party mood with a light-up centerpiece. Adding lights to the balloons is a simple way to make a big impression. "Oohs and Ahhs" not included—but guaranteed when your guests arrive! Just follow the handy how-to; it's easy! 

A balloon centerpiece with a large foil baby shaped balloon in the center, clear latex balloons arranged to look like bubbles sitting in a blue tub.

Splish-Splash Baby Shower Balloon Centerpiece

Make a splash with this bubble bath themed centerpiece. A foil baby balloon sits in a plastic tub surrounded by 5-inch clear balloons to craft this fresh balloon centerpiece idea. Just follow these baby steps, it's easy! This centerpiece lasts for a while after your party ends, so you don't have to throw the proverbial baby (centerpiece) out with the bathwater. 

A balloon centerpiece with a center foil "Congrats Grad!" balloon and different sizes of pastel colored latex balloons underneath.

Pastel "Congrats Grad!" Balloon Centerpiece

This pastel balloon centerpiece sets off your uplifting pastel party color palette. Delicately vibrant, this easy to assemble creation requires a few colored latex balloons and a foil "Congrats Grad! balloon that tops the piece. Find more A+ grad centerpiece ideas for your celebration.  

A balloon centerpiece with checkered flags and red, yellow and green latex balloons.

Racecar Balloon Centerpiece

Have a need for speed? This racecar themed balloon centerpiece can be assembled in no time! Head to the party decorating finish line with a couple of checkered flags and colored latex balloons. 

A balloon centerpiece with white balloons clustered around small yellow balloons to represent a flower with green tissue paper in a silver tub to represent leaves in a planter box.

Darling Daisy Balloon Centerpiece

This centerpiece is blooming with beauty. A silver tub, some green tissue paper and 5-inch yellow and white latex balloons are all that you need to add flower power to your party decorations. This make a great centerpiece for a birthday, anniversary, Easter or Mother's Day celebration. 

A colorful balloon centerpiece with latex balloons tied with curling ribbons and anchored to a balloon stick attached to a gift bag filled with tissue paper

Birthday Gift Bag Balloon Centerpiece

This colorful take on a centerpiece is a gift that keeps on giving! A small gift bag, tissue paper, curling ribbon and an assortment of colored latex balloons creates this unique design. It's easy to transform a few items into this eye-catching decoration that can be used for graduations, birthdays, and more! No helium needed, balloon sticks do all the heavy lifting in this arrangement. 

Rainbow Balloon Garland Centerpieces 

Rainbow garland centerpiece displayed across a round party table.
Rainbow garland centerpiece displayed across a long rectangular wooden classroom table with helium balloons attached.

When is a balloon garland not just a garland? When it's also a centerpiece! Color your party happy with this rainbow garland. Mix and match colored latex balloons, or group mini and regular latex balloons of the same color, to create a decoration perfect for long tables. Tie a few helium filled balloons to the garland using curling ribbon to really make your party table pop! Find a balloon garland for your theme or occasion. 

Tulle Balloon Centerpieces 

Two balloons on balloon sticks attached to small boxes all covered in pink tulle and tied with pink bows.
Two balloons on balloon sticks attached to small boxes all covered in blue tulle.

Feature this unique and chic centerpiece for your baby shower or birthday celebration. Attach a balloon to a balloon stick and plunge into a Styrofoam block. Cover the entire centerpiece in tulle to dress up the look. Adorn your masterpiece with bows, shells, or other decorations that fit your theme. No helium needed, the balloon stick does the lifting!

Mini Rainbow Balloon Centerpiece

Balloon centerpiece with a clear center balloon that reads "happy birthday" and many small latex colored balloons.
Balloon centerpiece with a clear center balloon featuring rainbow ponies and many small latex colored balloons.

Mini balloons make an oversized impression in these balloon centerpieces! These bright rainbow 5-inch balloons make a bold statement. Choose a clear See Thru Orbz balloon with complementing rainbow colors to top off this vibrant decoration. 

DIY Hula Hoop Balloon Wreaths 

Hula hoop wreath with pastel colored balloons and faux flowers and vines attached to form a balloon centerpiece.
Hula hoop wreath with red and white colored latex balloons and a striped popcorn cardboard box filled with mini yellow latex balloons to form a carnival themed balloon centerpiece.
Hula hoop wreath with pastel colored balloons and a large clear balloon attached to form a balloon centerpiece.

Hoop wreaths are trending—and for good reason. These hoop balloon wreaths add a striking design element to a balloon centerpiece. Place your anchor balloon or balloon design in the center then arrange balloons around the wreath to give a multi-dimensional look. Spray-paint your hoop to complement your party colors then drill it into a wooden base. Keep the base and reuse it for your next party! 

A balloon centerpiece with white and black latex balloons clustered to look like a soccer ball.

Soccer Ball Balloon Centerpiece

Score major party planning goals with a soccer ball centerpiece fit for a champion. A few white and black latex balloons are all that you need. Forget the helium fuss, none needed! 

A balloon centerpiece with a "Happy Big 50" foil center balloon and mylar silver and black balloons.

Milestone centerpiece 

You only turn 50 once, so make it count with this 50th birthday centerpiece. It's easy to assemble this 50th birthday balloon centerpiece with a foil "Big 50" balloon and latex balloons in silver pearl and black pearl. While 50 is fabulous, you can use the same centerpiece for any milestone birthday, just swap out the foil balloon!

A soccer themed centerpiece with white and black latex balloons clustered to form a soccer ball attached to a balloon stick and anchored with a tin pail with soccer balls on it.

Soccer Cluster Centerpiece

Be a party planning champ with this soccer themed centerpiece. Win big with this easy to assemble centerpiece that only requires a balloon stick, a few white and black latex balloons, tissue paper and a soccer themed container or a vase. No helium is required but bring your party decorating "A" game! 

A balloon centerpiece with yellow latex balloons and faux green leaves.

Lemon Balloon Centerpiece

Sweeten your party table with this refreshingly fruity centerpiece. Mini and regular yellow latex balloons and a few leaf cut-outs are all you need for this arrangement. No helium needed. Add this lemon balloon garnish to your summer and fruit themed indoor and outdoor parties!  

Squeeze some style

Jungle Balloon Centerpiece 

A balloon centerpiece with green latex balloons and faux green leaves.
A balloon centerpiece with green latex balloons and faux hibiscus flowers and green leaves.

It's a jungle out there! This jungle centerpiece brings out the wild side of your summer, jungle, tropical, or dinosaur themed parties. A few mini and regular green latex balloons and some leaf decorations (or use real leaves!) composes this simple to assemble garland centerpiece. Add paper flowers for a quick modification.

A balloon centerpiece with a silver star shaped foil metallic balloon sitting atop black round latex balloons.

Superstar Centerpiece

This star centerpiece really shines! A foil star shaped silver balloon sitting atop four black latex balloons creates this supernova centerpiece. No helium needed to create this classy look. 

A barnyard themed foil balloon on a balloon stick anchored in a silver tub filled with green tissue paper.

Barnyard Balloon Centerpiece

Bring farmhouse fun to your party table with this super simple centerpiece. The featured foil balloon shows adorable farm animals in birthday hats celebrating on the farm.  Use this as the final touch on your Barnyard themed birthday!

A balloon centerpiece with a cluster of four pink balloons surrounding a mini yellow center balloon to form a four petaled flower.

Balloon Flower Centerpieces 

Freshen up your party design with flowers. Choose your petal color and arrange four latex balloons around one 5-inch yellow balloon. That's some major flower power for your party. And it won't trigger your allergies!

A balloon centerpiece with mini red and black balloons on top of a layer of regular size red latex balloons.

Ladybug Balloon Centerpiece

This red and black centerpiece pairs perfectly with your ladybug themed party. A few red latex balloons lay the foundation of the balloon portion of the centerpiece. Add a second layer of mini black latex balloons. Then top with a red mini latex balloon! Use a lady bug themed cut-out on the top balloon for extra flair. The base of the centerpiece is a flower planter or box filled with grass. No helium needed for this lovely ladybug themed centerpiece that complements a garden party, al fresco brunch, or birthday celebration. 

See our friend @AwwSam create an air-filled centerpiece. 

It's easy as 1, 2, 3 when you follow along with these steps to inflate your birthday bash with fun and fabulous style!

1. Use a hand pump for large letter balloons. 

2. Use a straw to add air to smaller centerpiece balloon decorations. 

3. Combine various styles and colors of balloons for a gorgeous garland (that also makes an amazing photo backdrop).

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