1920s Gangster & Flapper Costumes

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Flapper Costumes & Costume Ideas

Women's style changed dramatically during the 1920s, reflecting a new attitude of freedom and indulgence that included short dresses, shorter haircuts, voting, driving, and other activities that were considered unseemly for young ladies of the time. Dancing was a popular pastime in the Roaring 20s, and flapper dresses were cut just below the knee to allow movement for new scandalous dance styles like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. Many young women happily embraced this new liberated lifestyle, and the look is still instantly recognizable today.

Dress up in a flapper costume this Halloween and enjoy the opulence of the Roaring 20s while celebrating the exciting fashions of this memorable era. Cut your hair into a cute bob (or pick up a short black wig) and put on your dancing shoes. This Halloween, it's all about jazz music, trying out your vintage dance moves, and serious Gatsby style. Pick from a glamorous selection of bold dresses and flapper costume accessories straight out of the 1920s!

Get All Dolled Up!

If you know a girl who loves fashion, introduce her to the flapper style trends of the Roaring 20s. She'll think this Halloween costume is the cat's pajamas! She can dress up as a glamorous 1920s dame in this bubblegum pink flapper dress, and steal the spotlight with the help of the fluffy feathered headband.

Teach her a few steps of the Lindy Hop or the Foxtrot, and this fun costume becomes an interactive look at 1920s history. She can put on the Ritz with other jazzy accessories to complement her flapper dress, like feather boas and costume jewelry. She can even impress her friends with spiffy 20s slang. If someone asks if she's having a good Halloween, she should respond, "And how!"

Be Bold And Bubbly

The 1920s took place during the Prohibition Era, which led to secret speakeasies and an illicit appreciation for adult beverages. This flapper dress is the same color as champagne, one of many bubbly drinks flappers and gangsters of the time would call "giggle water."

You're sure to dazzle in this tiered fringe dress with a champagne sequined trim. If you want to get even more dolled up, choose a daringly red lipstick and accessorize with costume jewelry, long gloves or a feather boa. The 1920s were all about excess, so feel free to go wild with embellishments. The cats and dames at the party will think you're the bee's knees!

Be The Cat's Meow!

Be confident in a flapper costume as glamorous as you are! This women's plus size costume is comfortable and figure-flattering. Choosing between all the options for flapper costumes can be tricky, but this 1920s dress is especially high fashion. It starts with classic black fringe, and really catches eyes with its glittery silver detailing at the neckline and shoulder straps.

This Halloween costume comes with a fetching flapper headband, but you don't have to stop there. Bold eyeshadow would offer this black dress a fun pop of color, and fishnets or tights would add another hint of 1920s decadence.

Impress With A Chic 1920s Dress

Dance the night away in a swanky adult flapper dress. This little number is decked out in black fringe and blue sequins, and will make you look perfectly keen for a party in West Egg.

Make sure to pick a pair of shoes that match your Halloween costume while still being comfortable enough to dance in! After all, the dresses were short in the 1920s so women could cut a rug. If you really want to make an impression on the dance floor, do a little research before the party and learn the moves to one of the many popular dance crazes of the Roaring 20s. Finding a dance partner and teaching them your moves is a perfect ice breaker!

Red Hot Adult Flapper Dress

The Halloween party is sure to have lots of dapper gents and dolls, so it's important to stand out. This flapper Halloween costume will make you look red hot in a fringe dress with a sequined trim! The 1920s are a wellspring of vintage style, and you'll be the face of Old Hollywood glamour in this vivacious flapper dress.

Play the part in a black flapper wig, faux pearls and shiny black shoes. You can even try your hand at some popular 20s slang if you really want to get into character. If someone you don't like says they're stuck on you, you can say, "Bank's closed, guy!" If you are interested, tell them, "You're the bee's knees, baby!"

Feel Hotsy-Totsy In Black Lace

If you're looking for a flapper costume that comes with jewelry, gloves, and all that jazz, this ritzy adult Halloween costume is perfect! Show off your impressive fashion sense with this 1920s dress, which has an intricate lace design that alternates with classic black fringe.

Since the Roaring 20s celebrated luxurious living, the dazzling dress also comes with black lace gloves, a striking feather headband, and a pearl tassel necklace. If you want to go the extra mile, you can pick up more costume accessories like earrings, bracelets, and boas, or opt for a dramatic prop cigarette holder.