Halloween Decorating Themes

Whatever Halloween theme you have in mind, the right decorations can help bring it all together. Party City has a huge assortment of Halloween decorations that fit a range of popular party themes.

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Halloween Decorating Themes for Your Home or Office Party

Every party planner knows that a theme ties the party come together. Halloween parties are no exception. Props, decor, and supplies are that much more memorable if they're organized around a theme: not just Halloween, but zombie Halloween, creepy carnival, and so on. Now the party becomes an occasion for elaborate photo ops and viral sharing, as guests post pictures to social sites and send choice snapshots to families and friends.

The good news is that it's incredibly easy to organize a themed Halloween party. Party City has done much hard work for you, creating over a dozen Halloween themes complete with props, decorations, costumes, and party supplies. All plates, cups, and platters fit within the general theme; all table decor, banners, and porch props are carefully selected to help you create a perfectly themed Halloween party no matter what you buy.

Here are some of the Halloween decoration and party themes we offer:

Kid-Friendly Halloween Theme: These family-friendly Halloween decorations feature adorable ghosts, smiling bats, happy jack-o'-lanterns, and pretty black kitties. Cover the walls in posters of cartoon prints and lots of Halloween character cutouts. Then get into the details with window decorations for kids, doorway curtains, flameless candles, shining garlands, and paper hanging decorations.

Asylum Theme: It's ghoulishly easy to entertain this Halloween, with asylum theme party supplies and decorations that make all those hacked and decomposing creatures you call your friends feel right at home. Start with a few choice decorations for the yard – death bed skeletons, "metal" chains, biohazard warnings, and "beware" signs to post at strategic points. Move onto the severed body parts to accent the walkway or porch decorations with a statement of horror.

Halloween Spiders: Here you'll find all sorts of Halloween spiders and spider webs, from giant spiders with posable legs to glitter-encrusted spider string lights, kid-friendly spider decorations for the party, and stretch spider webs for the bushes or chandelier. But the ghastly oversized decorations are what people most enjoy — giant spider decorations with glowing red eyes and with bendable legs up to four feet across, giant spider webs strung from the eaves and staked to the lawn, or remote-controlled spiders that silently slide towards started trick-or-treaters.

Zombie Theme: It doesn't take a lot of brains to put this zombie party together. Thank goodness, because considering the guest list, brains will soon be in short supply! Yes, it's ghoulishly easy to entertain this Halloween, with decor and party supplies and that place all those zombified creatures you call your friends in their comfort zone.

Scary Pumpkin Theme: Here we have Halloween pumpkins of another sort — scary pumpkin faces that menace from the front steps, scary plastic pumpkin props that dangle from the eaves and trees, and luminous scowling jack-o'-lanterns that inflate to enormous sizes but are light enough to be placed wherever you please. You'll find everything for a Halloween display that's decidedly different from the usual cemetery spectacle.

Creepy Carnival Theme: It's a very bad day for clowns, but a great day for the creepy carnival, because in this section you'll find everything to stage your own creepy clown show in the living room or in the yard.  Building out the creepy carnival theme are gruesome hanging circus decorations and banners, "tattered" keep out signs, stretch spider webs and "bloody" mantle gauze, creepy clown toilet seat grabbers, matching door decorations, and more.

Haunted House Theme: With these props and decorations, there's unlimited potential to make the haunting come alive. Station the deluxe and animated props at key points. "Flesh" out the Halloween scene with the right haunted house decorations: vinyl room rolls to cover entire walls with images of dungeons and dark, gothic hallways; skull decorations with flashing red eyes to spook the visitors; rubber snakes, furry bats, and giant spiders to lurk in ill-lit corners of the set.