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Take your costume to the next level with a fun Halloween wig!

Halloween Masks


Add laughter, mystery, or terror to your outfit with a Halloween mask.

Halloween Hats


Top off your character with the right costume hat.

Halloween Makeup


Complete your look with blood, body paint, prosthetics & more!

Weapons, Swords, Axes & Knives


From axes to light sabers, we've got your warrior wardrobe covered.

Capes & Robes

Capes & Robes

Whether you're a superhero or a warlock, find finishing accessories here.

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Find the Right Halloween Costume Accessories for Your Character

Transform yourself! The right costume accessories create all the difference between ordinary and eye-popping, and make your character stand out from the crowd. The vampire wig you wear, the beaded flapper jewelry your drape around your neck, the pirate sword you brandish — all these costume accessories are an indispensable part of the impression you make, whether your goal is to scare, seduce, or provoke a hearty laugh.

No Halloween costume is complete without right the costume accessories to go with it. Spooky or silly, resplendent or ragtag – whatever your costume theme, accessories help tie it all together. That's why Halloween accessories help you prepare for the party and set the mood.

What fun is an Elvis costume without the Elvis wig and glasses? A cop costume without the whistle, badge, handcuffs, and club? A witch costume without the witch hat, broom, and shoes, and a little green makeup to frighten the trick or treaters? Or a ninja costume without the hood, gloves, throwing blades, and state-of-the-art ninja sword, especially one that lights up in the dark?

At Party City, we offer thousands of Halloween accessories to that take you from costume to character, transforming your look into something truly extraordinary. We even offer exclusive licensed accessories featuring your favorite characters from TV and film. Whatever look you hope to achieve, you'll find the right costume accessories to finish the look. Start putting together your perfect look today.