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Thanksgiving Tableware Themes: Thanksgiving Plates, Table Covers, Cups & More

Happy holidays and happy feasting! For those of you who love Thanksgiving dinner, but hate the cleanup that follows, this tableware gives you the convenience of disposable / recyclable paper Thanksgiving plates, napkins, and cups, some of it printed with classic autumn motifs.

 Perfect for large parties, church gatherings, and school events, or simply to send guests home with their own portions of Thanksgiving leftovers, patterned Thanksgiving paper plates are matched with dessert plates, napkins, table covers, and cups, and even banners, hanging decorations, and table decorations to help you build out the theme.

Elements of the Thanksgiving Party Theme

  • Thanksgiving Plates: These come in round and square shapes and are printed with a fall leaf, harvest, or Thanksgiving turkey design. Premium plates are made of heavier material perfect for large helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes.

  • Thanksgiving Napkins: Available in dinner size and drink size, these are usually printed with the same designs as the plates. Some Thanksgiving themes offer an assortment of matching guest towels as well.

  • Thanksgiving Table Covers: These can be paper or plastic, or even fabric in the case of some of our premium Thanksgiving themes. Paper and plastic table covers are meant for a single use; durable fabric table covers can be laundered and used year after year.

  • Thanksgiving Tableware: While we call these collections "tableware," more broadly they're Thanksgiving themes and party supplies — plates, table covers,  and napkins are just the starting point of an entire assortment including cups, placemats, invitations, banners, and decorations.

    Here, you have the option of buying as little or as much as you want — a few Thanksgiving plates and cups, if you're simply looking to control the damage at the kids' table; glitter pumpkins, turkey centerpieces, fall leaves confetti, and harvest banners if you plan to go all-out with the decorations and wow the assembled dinner crowd.

    Patterned tableware is printed on paper; if more durable plastic is to your liking, we also offer solid color and premium tableware in autumn palettes. Plates, napkins, table covers, and cups are already discounted at 50% off list price, but for additional savings, try our 18 and 40-count value packs, best for large events.