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Paper, Plastic Table Covers & Fabric Tablecloths: The Foundation of Your Table Display

Table covers are essential for the party, every bit as essential as plates, cups, and utensils. Not only do they protect your table from nicks and spills, they instantly transform any table into a platform for food service, gift display, or a candy buffet. They tie decorations and the table setting together, either by color or by pattern. Without a table cover to dress it up, any party table will look unfinished.

At Party City, we offer table covers in over 21 solid colors and in a wide variety of prints. You have your choice of paper, plastic, or fabric, round or rectangle. Should you need a cover for an extra-long table, or for a series of tables pushed end-to-end, table cover rolls give you the option of cutting to size.

Here are a few of your options:

Paper Table Covers: Most paper covers are meant for single-use, although some premium paper table covers are constructed of heavy-duty paper with plastic, laminated backing. This makes them wipeable and tear resistant. Standard-size paper covers can be cut down to fit smaller card tables. They can also be used as inexpensive backdrops.

Plastic Table Covers: Plastic table covers come is a range of styles and price points, from basic table covers cut from a vinyl sheet to flannel-backed fitted table covers. Basic vinyl table covers are typically single use, although they can be wiped down, folded, and re-used later. Fitted plastic table covers, on the other hand, are designed to last, featuring heavy vinyl with non-slip flannel backing, clean lines, and elegant pleated corners. With plastic table covers, you have your choice of rectangular, square, or round in a selection of colors, thicknesses, and sizes.

Premium Fabric Tablecloths: Classic and durable, fabric tablecloths set your table with formal elegance in a way that paper or plastic simply cannot. The polyester tablecloths are machine washable, stain and wrinkle resistant, and hemmed with heavy thread. Available in round, square, and rectangular shapes, they fit most standard-sized tables. Available in nearly two dozen colors, from white to hot pink, and a variety of finishes including matte, metallic, and opalescent, fabric tablecloths color match and pattern many of our tableware themes.

Plastic Table Cover Rolls: Are you planning a big event? For large gatherings and extra-long tables, a table cover roll gives you the coverage that pre-cut tablecloths cannot. Roll it out and trim it to fit; the impermeable vinyl protects furniture from spills and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Durable and reusable, one roll will last party after party!

Table Cover Clips: Keep table covers secure with table cover clips, which slide over your plastic, paper, or fabric table covers and onto the edges of tables. Protect food displays from breezes, mischievous pets, and other elements that threaten your celebration. Reusable, highly flexible, and color-neutral clear plastic tablecloth clips slip on easily and hold the table covers tight, leaving no marks when you remove them later. One large pack of table clips is enough for most large parties with multiple tables.