Zombie Cemetery Idea

Slay your decorations with a fogger and dry ice

You can easily conjure up a Halloween cemetery full of freaky fog and the living dead – indoors or out. Start by covering the floors with strips of black tablecovers and lay down some mossy green jute. Choose some tombstones and stagger their height by stacking paver stones or books. Add a zombie dude that looks like he just escaped from the grave and add spook by scattering flameless tealights and draping black gauze. Finish off the graveyard display with a bat dangling in front of a gauze-covered window for a truly haunting look. So much for resting in peace!

Zombie Cemetery How To



  • Dry ice from grocery store
  • Tombstones
  • Zombie fogger
  • Tealights
  • Black plastic tablecover
  • Jute
  • Black gauze
  • Hanging bat, bat cutouts
  • Paver stones
Create bat silhouettes

1) Create bat silhouettes

Hang black gauze and black cloth over the window. Dangle a bat from the ceiling to create a lifelike decoration. Add more small paper bats to the walls.

Two ways to  make fog

2) Option 1: DIY fog

Wearing gloves, place several chunks of dry ice in metal containers. Pour near-boiling water in and the fog will bubble, spill over and drift across the floor. The effect will last about 10 minutes; replenish dry ice to repeat.

3) Option 2: Use a fog machine 

You can also hook up the fog machine to the zombie decoration to create spewing fog.

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