Zipper Face Makeup How-To

Win Halloween with a gory zipper face

Prepare to creep out your squeamish friends with this crazy makeup effect. Everything you need comes in the kit! Check out our how-to below to see how easy it is.

Zipper Face Makeup How To



  • Zipper Makeup Kit
  • Stipple sponge

1) Step One

Apply Spirit Gum to back of zipper using included brush. Be sure to spread evenly and thinly so glue doesn’t protrude over sides of zipper. Hold zipper against face for a few seconds to ensure it fully adheres.

2) Step Two

Use makeup sponge to apply liquid from the “Bloody Scab” tube inside of the zipper. The more layers you add, the more realistic it will look! Use a stipple sponge to create additional texture.

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