Vampire Makeup Ideas

Want to be a vampiress this Halloween? Learn how to create a fang-tastic vampire look with these vampy makeup tips. Explore our Halloween Makeup & Face Paint to take your vampire costume to the next level! Note: some makeup products may cause an adverse reaction in people who have latex allergies.

1. Glamorous Vampire 

Glamorous Vampire Makeup
  • Grease makeup in white, gray, and black
  • Eyeshadow in red and black
  • Black eyeliner
  • Lipsticks in black and red
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash glue
  • Fangs with adhesive
  • Fake blood
  • Makeup sponges
Contour your face with gray makeup

1) Make Your Skin Pale

Vampires are always pale since they avoid the sunlight. Start by using a stipple sponge or makeup sponge to apply a thin layer of white makeup from the Classic Vampire Makeup Kit over your entire face, neck and ears.

2) Contour Your Face with Gray Makeup

Follow up with grey makeup in the hollows of your cheeks, under your chin and along your neck to add contour.

Create striking vampire eyes

3) Add Dramatic Eyebrows 

 Now draw on dramatic arched eyebrows with black makeup.

4) Create Striking Vampire Eyes

Making your eyes look sultry is key for a striking vampire look. Mix red and black eye shadow to make a deep red color, then apply it to your eyelids and under your eyes.

Add luxurious lashes

5) Line Your Eyes in Black 

Outline your eyes with a black makeup. Use an eyeshadow applicator to extend the black eyeliner on your top lid out past the edge of your eye.

6) Line Your Lips in Black, Then Fill with Red Lipstick 

 Line the edges of your lips with black lipstick, then fill the center with bright red.

7) Add Luxurious Lashes

Make your eyes extra-alluring by adding false eyelashes. Apply eyelash glue to the bottom of the false eyelash line, blow on it to make it sticky, then gently press the lashes onto your top lashes.

Accessorize with a wig and necklace

8) Add Vampire Fangs and Blood 

Now add some gleaming fangs like the Sexy Bites Fangs so you look like a real vampire. Squeeze some adhesive into the openings on the fangs then press the fangs onto your eye teeth. Next add a trail of blood down your chin, like a vampire who's just fed.

9) Accessorize with a Wig and Necklace

Finish your vampiress look with jet black locks like the Vampiress Wig; just style the bangs as you like. Hang the Deluxe Vampire Medallion around your neck and you're ready to run the town.

Watch the tutorial! 

2. Sexy Vampire 

Sexy Vampire Makeup
  • White grease makeup
  • Makeup sticks in blue, black, and pink
  • Red lipstick
  • Fake blood
  • Setting powder
  • Makeup sponges
  • Fangs with adhesive
Add contour

1) Apply White Makeup 

No one does pale and sultry like a vampire! Create this look on yourself by applying white grease makeup with a sponge, tapping to blend. Leave the area around the eyes clear of makeup for later steps.

2) Add Contour

Take blue makeup crayon and add contours around the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and eyes. Blend so the edges look hazy. Take the white and blue colors down to the neck and collarbone for a contour. Use white first as a highlight and then add blue as the darker contour color for a little undead-chic!

Add fake lashes for drama!

3) Detail the Eyes 

Using a sharp makeup crayon, edge the blue with black lines to add definition. Layer on white lines outside the black to create dimension. Add pink above the eyebrow and under the eyes to get that "up all night" glassy vampire gaze.

4) Add Fake Lashes for Drama!

To accentuate this dressed-to-kill look, add black false lashes, eyeliner and red lipstick. Use fake blood as lipgloss and add a few drops off the corner of your lips — you'll look like a vampire that's recently indulged!

Add fangs!

5) Seal the Makeup 

Dust your face all over with setting powder so the grease makeup lasts throughout the vampire masquerade!

6) Add Fangs!

Polish the fang-tastic look! Add the wig, the costume and, last but not least, bloody fangs. You'll be the most sultry vampire around!

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