9 Unique Unicorn Party Ideas

Prance your way into party planning perfection with a magical unicorn theme. Unicorns provide a shimmery, pastel color palette that is gorgeous for girls' birthday parties. Create this visually stunning theme with balloons, decorations, favors, candy, and a themed table setting. Try these easy DIY tips that will make your party guests flip!  

Unicorn Balloon Ideas

A unicorn themed balloon garland with a foil unicorn shaped head, pastel colored latex balloons, and table covers cut into strips to form a tail.

1. Unicorn Balloon Garland

A giant unicorn foil balloon creates the head of this uniquely magical balloon garland. Pastel colored latex balloons and pastel confetti balloons comprise the body. Finish off this garland with strips of colored table covers to create a shiny tail. Add extra shimmer with a few strips of silver door fringe. Bring your unicorn to life with this amazing creation that also makes a professional looking photo backdrop! When paired with a themed table setting, this garland sets the stage for a party design that will awe your guests. 

A baby in a high chair decorated for a first birthday next to a giant gliding unicorn balloon.

2. Bring the Magic to Life (Size)

This giant unicorn is an eye-popping decoration, a perfect photo prop and a favor that hangs around after the party ends. Life size balloons are the life of the party! Put the "extra" in extravagant in your party photos and party design with an Air Walker balloon

A giant balloon backdrop with a foil unicorn balloon in the center hanging over a unicorn themed party table

3. Unicorn Balloon Backdrop

Unicorns are fanciful creatures, so feel free to go wild with your party design. With unicorns, too much is always a good thing! Create a table with a unicorn pinata, cake, favor bags, plates and cups and elaborate backdrop. The backdrop proves sometimes more is magnificent. A bevy of different size, color, material, and shape of balloons surrounding a featured unicorn foil balloon creates this unicorn explosion of whimsy and delight. To make the balloon swirls, wrap a twist balloon (the kind you use to make balloon animals!) around a pole or broom before inflating with the air pump. There are no rules and no limits to how you configure your unicorn balloon backdrop…so let your imagination prance wildly (like a unicorn!).

4. Unicorn Balloon Columns

A balloon column is an impressive sculpture of color and whimsy. Regal in stature, a balloon column gives your party that professional event planner look. With a balloon column kit, you can get that pro look without the heavy price tag. DIY a cloudy or mylar unicorn column using your choice of white latex balloons or colored mylar balloons as your base, a unicorn foil balloon as a head, and party streamers to add a flowing tail. Follow this step by step guide to build your balloon column

Unicorn shaped balloon column with a foil balloon unicorn head, mylar balloon body, and tail made from strips of vinyl table cover
Unicorn shaped balloon column with a foil balloon unicorn head, latex balloon body, and tail made from strips of vinyl table cover

Unicorn Party Decorations

A party table set with unicorn themed plates, table decorations, cups and napkins.

5. Set a Fairy-Tale Table

Set your unicorn themed table with plates, napkins, cutlery and cups in your favorite design. Table covers are a great way to make clean-up magically easy. A few decorations add the final touch to a well-dressed table. And never underestimate the magic of a balloon bouquet to give your decor a lift!

Style your unicorn table

6. All Things Iridescent

Sparkle and shine with an iridescent table setting and decor. A shimmering color scheme creates an air of fantasy and delight that represents the magic of unicorns. Mix and match iridescent decorations, plates and cups, napkins and cutlery, and of course, balloons to bring magic to life!

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Unicorn Party Food Ideas

A pink and white colored candy buffet in clear containers and unicorn favor cup.

7. Unicorn Candy Buffet

What's as sweet and upbeat as a unicorn?  Candy, of course! A candy buffet in bright colors is a natural fit for your unicorn themed party table. Pretty in pink, a candy buffet doubles as a party decoration and a tasty treat. Choose your candy by color, then add a few containers for displaying the candy. Guests can serve themselves, making this easy to set up and visually stunning party snack a no-brainer.

8. Go wild with unicorn cakes

What's better than a breathtaking table centerpiece? A stunning centerpiece that tastes as amazing as it looks! Lucky for unicorn lovers, everything to make the unicorn cake of your birthday girl's dreams is easy to find and order. Your biggest challenge in getting the products you need to get started right away is deciding between cupcakes or a cake—but no will mind if you go with both. 

Bake some magic

Unicorn Party Favors

9. Give them magical memories

Give your guests some unicorn magic to take home with party favors. They double as a nice thank you and a keepsake. With good reason, favors are a favorite with partygoers. 

Favors they'll fancy