Unicorn Makeup How To

The unicorn effect

Were you born to be a unicorn? Follow our guide to turn your go-to outfit for a night on the town into a magical Halloween costume! All you need are a few of our easy makeup tips and some fun accessories. Grab the glitter and get ready to look majestic!

Unicorn Makeup How To



  • Unicorn horn
  • Foundation
  • Shimmer powder
  • Eye shadow
  • False lashes
  • Rhinestone body jewelry
  • Hair extensions
  • Beads
Step One

1) Step One

Create a base with foundation and shimmer powder.

Step Two

2) Step Two

Add an ombre eye shadow.

Step Three

3) Step Three

Add false eye lashes.

Step Four

4) Step Four

Add crystal embellishments around eyes.

Step Five

5) Step Five

Add in pink hair extensions. Secure horn to center of head. Embellish with beads. Go make some magic!

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