22 Trunk-or-Treat Ideas That Rev up Halloween Fun

Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trick out your ride for trunk-or-treat, an activity that puts a spin on the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. An organized event usually held in school or church parking lots, trunk-or-treat involves vehicles decorated in creative themes as kids go trick-or-treating from car to car. Cruise through our gallery of decorating ideas—from classic Halloween themes to new takes on popular characters—for inspiration that will get your trunk-or-treat car hoppin'! Once your Halloween decorating is in drive, shop all trunk-or-treat supplies!

Frozen themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 1: Frozen Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Set the scene for a magical trunk-or-treat adventure with the Frozen Trunk-or-Treat Decorating Kit. Hang a scene setter featuring Elsa and Ana and use white balloons to mimic snow. Add a touch of fall with leaf string decorations that feature characters from Frozen 2. Complete the enchanted setting with a white tassel garland, a silver door curtain, and a 'Believe' balloon drape across the bumper. 

Pirate themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 2: Pirate Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Candy is the only treasure trunk-or-treaters will find when they see this pirate trunk-or-treat theme. Skeletons dressed as pirates, fishnet, and nautical banners serve as perfect props for some fun photos. Complete the buccaneer scene with blue balloons placed below your trunk to represent the sea and no ocean would be complete without sharksballoons that is! Start creating your pirate scene with the Pirate Shipwreck Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Halloween themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 3: Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Create a classic Halloween trunk-or-treat scene with balloons and decorations. Make a bold statement using orange letter balloons to spell out 'BOO' and add giant Halloween balloons like a bat, ghost, and a jack-o'-lantern to get add a festive feel. Bring the look together by filling the trunk with orange, black, and silver balloons. Find everything you need to create this look in the Pumpkin Fun Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Spider-Man themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 4: Spider-Man Trunk-or-Treat Theme

No one will miss your car with this Spider-Man trunk-or-treat theme. Make a bold statement by placing a giant Spider-Man balloon on top of your vehicle. Decorate the trunk with Spider-Man party supplies like a banner, string decorations, and a scene setter. Add spiders to bring this look all together. Unleash this superhero theme with the Spider-Man Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Trolls themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 5: Trolls Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Take trunk-or-treaters on a world tour with this Trolls trunk-or-treat idea. Start by building a rainbow balloon garland to go over your vehicle. Decorate the trunk with the Trolls World Tour Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit which features popular characters from the movie. Complete the scene with a giant Poppy balloon positioned outside the trunk so all the little ones can see how your car is rockin'.  

Cowboy themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 6: Cowboy Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Are you ready to “yeehaw” your way into Fall and straight into Halloween? This cowboys inspired car is super easy to achieve as well as fun to get the entire family involved. Just simply purchase some Western Party Supplies like photo booth props, a yeehaw banner, cowboy hat and bandanas! And who doesn’t love an arts and crafts project? Check out the grass and pretty flowers on this one!!

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Graveyard themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 7: Graveyard Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Even if you have come down with “lazy bones” syndrome, pulling together a last-minute trunk show like this one can offer both chills and thrills! We offer table covers in an array of different colors to help lay the foundation for any look you are trying to achieve. Here, this graveyard trunk decor is accomplished by using a grass print vinyl table cover. It is completed with one of our cemetery kits and boo… you are ready to spook your trick or treaters!

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Spider themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 8: Spider Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Keep calm and spin a web like this Spooky Spider Car! We like to stretch spider webs on pretty much everything during the Halloween season and who doesn’t shiver at the sight of this light up and hairy black spider?

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Spooky ghost themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 9: Spooky Ghost Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Oh my gourd… look at this trunk! Would you approach it? It is too good and too boo-tiful to resist! At Party City we have stocked our website and aisles with everything you will need this Halloween Season and your trunk can be fully decorated with our giant ghost decorations, bat cutouts, and Halloween themed balloons!

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Witch themed trunk or treat decorations

Idea 10: Witch Trunk-or-Treat Theme

This trunk surely has us under a spell and wanting us to get our brooms out. We love everything that has to do with the season’s favorite characters! You can purchase these Halloween Party Decorations & Supplies in stores or at PartyCity.com.

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Idea 11: Avengers Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Add character to your trunk-or-treat! It may be Halloween, but every type of decoration is fair game as a trunk-or-treat theme. Consider uniting with Avengers Party Supplies to create a setup that's action-packed! You’ll need an Iron Man gliding balloon and accessories from the other Avengers, like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield, and a couple of hanging swirls taped to a blue plastic table cover. Give trick-or-treaters a hero’s sendoff with Captain America glow wands and super tasty treats.

Idea 12: Creepy Carnival Trunk-or-Treat

Clowning around is what this trunk-or-treat theme does best. Invite little trick-or-treaters to enter if they dare with the Creepy Carnival Trunk-or-Treat Car Decorating Kit. Turn your trunk into a big-top tent by draping carnival-themed room roll over the hatch and trunk bed. The devil is in the details, so add more touches of “carn-evil” with a cardboard-mounted creepy carnival scene setter and blood splatter on a white balloon. Don’t forget the smiling clown—either a Halloween prop or you dressed up in costume—to greet the little trick-or-treaters when they step right up.

Idea 13: Five Nights at Freddy's Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Turn your trunk into a stage fit for fear-inspiring characters. For a creative trunk-or-treat idea, try a theme that’s already terror-filled—like surviving a night with killer animatronics, the basis of the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game. Turning your trunk into a stage for Freddy Fazbear and his fear-inspiring friends, Chica the Chicken and Bonnie the Rabbit, involves a handful of DIY tricks: mount a Freddy window poster and purple table cover on a poster board, then tape cutouts of Chica and Bonnie on a black backdrop. Trick-or-treaters won’t want to escape the clutches of this killer setup! Shop all Five Nights at Freddy's party supplies.

Idea 14: Incorporate Animatronics

Set up a boo crew of friendly ghosts! Add life to classic Halloween decorating with this easy trick! Small animatronics, like rising or spinning ghosts, make your trunk-or-treat theme the liveliest setup in the parking lot! Simply let the animatronics loose in your trunk—they’ll move, bump and haunt their way around as little trick-or-treaters snatch a snack from candy-filled bowls. With this trunk-or-treat tip, the “boos” you get from little ones will be a ghoulish delight!

Idea 15: Cute Classic Ghost Theme

Turn your trunk into a ghost playground: it’s time to gather the ghouls and take them for a spin in the parking lot! This trunk-or-treat idea repurposes Halloween yard decorations and small animatronics to make a lively scene. Place the ghoulish decor against a backdrop of purple plastic table cover and hang a scene setter banner on the trunk hatch. Add shimmery pumpkins, candy-filled buckets and bat cutouts—now you have a ghost story that’s frightfully fun!

Idea 16: Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

Take your ride through Halloween Town! Draw inspiration for a creative trunk-or-treat theme from classic Halloween stories—like the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas! Simplicity is what makes this “nightmare” idea a dream theme for trunk-or-treat: build a setup of tombstones, holiday tinsel and pumpkins around a hanging decoration of Jack Skellington. Add a Santa hat on Jack, and then he’s ready to welcome trick-or-treaters to Halloween Town! Get everything you need to recreate this theme in the Nightmare Before Christmas Customizable Trunk-or-Treat Decorating Kit

Idea 17: Shimmer and Shine Theme

Wish you could summon genie magic to come up with a trunk-or-treat theme? Wish granted when you decorate with pastel-colored plastic table covers—using them to create curtain draping and a canopy swag makes your display look like a desert tent. The shimmer and shine comes from the two genie sisters that do it best—Shimmer and Shine—in the form of a centerpiece, scene setter decor and a Mylar balloon. All that’s left is granting the “sweet” wishes of trick-or-treaters!

Idea 18: Spider-Man Trunk-or-Treat Theme

Weave a super spidey web! Decorating with spider webbing is a Halloween must-do, but for a trunk-or-treat, dress it up spidey style. It only takes a handful of decorations like hanging door fringe, hanging swirls and spider webs to make the theme look amazing! Carve a pumpkin with Spider-Man's logo for a bit of Halloween fun. Then have the friendly neighborhood crusader make an appearance—either as a balloon or your little trick-or-treater dressed in costume!

Idea 19: Cute Witch Theme

Witch trunk has yummy treats? Decorate the car for a kid-friendly, trick-or-treatin' good time with the Friendly Witch Trunk-or-Treat Car Decorating Kit! Welcome kids to grab some goodies with sweet smiling witches and happy pumpkins. Fill colorful buckets with treats and display them in easy reach. Add a few streamers and some hanging paper critters to greet little ghouls and goblins!

Idea 20: Star Wars Trunk-or-Treat

Take your car for a cruise—in a galaxy far, far away! No need to be a Jedi Master to create this this trunk-or-treat setup. This Star Wars-inspired idea gets help from R2D2 gliding balloon and a Yoda candy bowl holder. Place them against a backdrop of a starry night room roll adorned with decals. It’s no moon, but hanging silver door fringe on the side makes your “space station” ready for the fleet of trick-or-treaters. Shop all Star Wars.

Idea 21: Brew Up a New Take on the Classic Halloween Witch

A spooky witch is a classic Halloween decoration, but when using it for a trunk-or-treat theme, try brewing up a new spell. She’ll still need her large cauldron and assistants like ghosts and a winged familiar, but for a bit of fun Halloween trouble, surround her with spooky spider webbing that glows under black light. Then conjure up “bubble, bubble” with the help from a battery-powered bubble machine!

Idea 22: Add the Element of Surprise With a Bubble Machine

For a witch-themed trunk-or-treat, bring all the "bubble bubble" without the toil or trouble. A battery-powered bubble machine is a simple and delightful surprise that makes your trunk-or-treat display unique and interactive. If your trunk-or-treat event is at nighttime, add a couple of battery-powered black lights to cast an eerie glow.

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