Transformers Party Ideas

Transformers Party Ideas

Transform your son's birthday party into an ultimate Autobot themed party! Games, treats, decorations and more all inspired by your birthday boy's favorites like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee!

Transformers Birthday Outfit Idea

Idea 1: Give your Optimus Prime maxed-out party gear!

Help your birthday bot feel as powerful as Optimus in a hat and shirt sporting Prime's face, and, once he and his friends derail the Decepticons' plans, pin on the award ribbon for being your number-one hero!

Transformers Cake Group Photo Idea

Idea 2: Take a group shot before they dig in!

Who wouldn't want a pic of that awesome birthday cake? Before the birthday boy blows out the candles, gather the Autobot team around for a group photo. (Send the photos out with the thank you notes for a thoughtful touch.) Everybody say, "Bumblebee!"

Transformers Chair Deco DIY

Idea 3: Turbocharge the chairs with a DIY creation

To make these supersonic do-it-yourself chair decorations, all you need is blue streamer, Transformers masks and Transformers swirl decorations. Upgrade your chairs with these colorful characters and they'll defend your Autobots while they refuel on cake!

Transformers Dress Up Gear Idea

Idea 4: Mask + bot buddies = cool photo op!

Optimus Prime might be the fearless leader, but he needs energized friends like Bumblebee by his side. Set out Prime and Bumblebee Masks and hand out "laser beam" glowsticks. Robot impersonations are bound to follow!

Transformers Favor Bucket Idea

Idea 5: Put together bucket favors for the crew

Load up Transformers Favor Buckets with colorful paper shred and add a disc shooter, a paddleball, pencils, stickers and a skateboard keychain and your Transformers fans will leave the party happy.

Transformers Favor Cup Idea

Idea 6: Wow your bots with favor cups

The Autobots will go the distance to help a friend, so go just as far with your favors, too. To make rad Transformers Party Cups, toss in yellow crinkle paper shred and Transformers wristbands, paddleballs, game cubes and pencils. It's a cool way to thank them for coming!

Transformers Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Idea 7: Assemble favor bags with supersonic speed!

These quick and easy loot bags are guaranteed to please humans and robots alike. With our Transformers Favor Pack, you'll be prepared with enough take-home toys for eight guests. Just slip the loot into Transformers favor bags and set them by the door for guests to grab as they head out!

Transformers Favors Table Idea

Idea 8: Make the favor table as sleek as Bumblebee!

Giving away relics from Cybertron is a great way to have your guests leave with a well-oiled smile. Deck out the table with a Transformers centerpiece and party favors like Transformers Masks and Wristbands on platters. A Transformers birthday banner and balloons make it a festive fortress.

Transformers Hand out Masks Idea

Idea 9: Gear up like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee!

Decepticons don't stand a chance against your team when they're decked out like the Autobots! Make sure every party guest gets an Optimus Prime or Bumblebee face mask to wear throughout the party. They'll be ready to roll out for any activity that comes their way!

Transformers Invite with Favor Idea

Idea 10: Tie a wristband on an invite

Want to go a megamile? Include Transformers Wristbands in your invites! Tie them on with curling ribbon and sprinkle in confetti and they'll be ready to boot the Decepticons into the turbo charger!

Transformers Invite with Surprise Idea

Idea 11: Enclose secret passes with the invites

Include Transformers Tattoos and Confetti to get your guests super-pumped for the party. They'll need to wear their tattoos as secret party passes in order to tell them apart from the Decepticons!

Transformers Napkin Idea

Idea 12: Slip wristbands on napkins for a fun touch!

Wristbands are a cool favor and they look awesome as napkin holders. Call them victory awards and wrap up the Decepticons' defeat!

Transformers Party Table idea

Idea 13: Turn any table into Autobot HQ!

Transforming an ordinary table is fast and easy! Once you've laid out a Transformers table cover, display the matching centerpiece kit. Scatter handfuls of confetti and small party favors about — guests will love it!

Transformers Photo Booth DIY

Idea 14: A scene setter and balloon towers are a prime backdrop!

Autobots do everything big so keep to the theme with a Transformers Scene Setter and trim with streamers and stars, one for each of Optimus Prime's victories, and include balloon towers to fortify the photogenic powers!

Transformers Photo Shoot Idea

Idea 15: Capture the fun with pictures

The Decepticons are close and the heroes must shift into overdrive. Hand out "laser beams" (they're glowsticks!) and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee masks to take a pic of the bots in their best power poses!

Transformers Pin-It Game Idea

Idea 16: Help repair Optimus's armor

With this Transformers Party Game the little bots can use stickers to help Optimus transform. Once the leader is repaired, the final battle can begin! Give the game a cool DIY look by adding paper decorations and streamer around the edges.

Transformers Pinata Game Idea

Idea 17: Treat them to an Optimus pinata

Have your Autobots take turns looking for the right ribbon to release the "energon" treats from their official Transformers pinata. Hurry and snatch up all the goodies before the enemy does!

Transformers Place Setting Idea

Idea 18: Transform your table into a recharging station!

When it's time to refuel with cake they'll be energized by your amazing Transformers party table. Pump up Transformers tableware with red utensils and scatter confetti, blow outs and discs on the table to keep the fun going.

Transformers Thank You Note Idea

Idea 19: Say "thanks" with a photo of all the fun

Send out Transformers Thank You Notes to all the heroes for being there to save the planet. Include an action-packed picture of all the kids to remember the fun. Thanks to them, the party was a blast!