Video: Easy Trail Mix Bar for a Campout at Home

by Jessica Hill

Even if you can’t make a real camping trip a possibility this year, you can celebrate The Great Outdoors in your own home! Set up a tent in your yard (or build a fort indoors), get your scariest ghost story ready, and snack on a delicious trail mix blend you created yourself!

Make Your Own Trail Mix Bar


  • Chalkboard Easel Sign
  • Green and White Plaid Table Cover
  • Camping Cups
  • Cut Timber Rectangular Platters
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Trail Mix Ingredients
Make Your Own Trail Mix Bar


  • Show off your best penmanship and create a "Make Your Own Trail Mix" sign on the Chalkboard Easel Sign.
  • Protect your table with the Green and White Plaid Table Cover.
  • Arrange the rectangular platters on the table and place several camping-themed cups on each platter.
  • Fill each cup with a different trail mix ingredient. I used dried fruit, sunflower seeds, M&M's, peanuts, and chocolate-covered raisins, but you can use whatever mix-ins you like best!
  • Add the chalkboard easel to your table.
  • Set out paper cups and serving spoons so your guests can create their own unique trail mix.

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