15 Top Men's Costume Ideas

Men's Halloween costume ideas that will crush the costume contests this Halloween! Get pumped by our trending costume ideas from horror favorites like Pennywise to superheroes like Hulk, and movie characters from Aladdin and Toy Story. Or you can shop all Men's Halloween Costumes.

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Man dressed as Pennywise the clown from the movie IT

Idea 1: Dare to be the Dancing Clown! 

We all float down here! Give trick-or-treaters the fright of their night dressed up in a Tattered Pennywise Costume or Pennywise costume. Also available in Plus sizes! 

Man dresses as Georgie from the movie IT

Idea 2: Go as Georgie 

Dress up as Georgie and take your paper boat out for a sail. Make sure to avoid all sewers on Halloween night!

Man dressed in a Hulk costume

Idea 3: Hulk Out! 

You don't need to get angry to go green, just get this Avengers: Endgame Hulk Muscle Costume! Be sure to give Thanos the scare of his life! 

Man dressed as a Genie

Idea 4: Free your Inner Genie! 

Grant a few wishes and sing a few songs dressed in a Genie Parade Costume. Your wish for an amazing costume is our command! 

Man dressed as Buzz Lightyear

Idea 5: Reach for the Stars as Buzz Lightyear

Transform from fan into the Star Command's number one space ranger! Looking for a costume that's out of this world? You found it! 

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Halloween Costume Favorites! 

Mens Batman Costume Idea

Idea 6: Be heroic in a Batman costume!

Be a superhero at work, parties or the trick or treating circuit. Disguise yourself in a t-shirt with heroic black gloves and batman mask or Peruvian hat...epic and easy! Or go all out with our wide variety of Batman Costumes.

Mens Captain America Costume Idea

Idea 7: Be epic dressed as Captain America!

Get ripped as America's favorite soldier. An easy Captain America t-shirt along with a shield prop gives you a powerful and patriotic presence, or go all out with a full Captain America Costume. Gather the troops (at home or work) for a Civil War-inspired group costume idea – think Iron Man, Black Widow and Vision.

Mens Darth Vader Costume Idea

Idea 8: Be galactic in a Darth Vader costume

Represent the Dark Side in a commanding Darth Vader costume. Suit up quickly with an easy shirt, gloves and either a full mask or simple Peruvian hat. Go in for the kill with a Sith saber.

Mens Day of the Dead Costume Idea

Idea 9: Be bad to the bone in a skeleton costume

Show up to the Halloween fiesta as a bad-to-the-bone Day of the Dead dude. Strut your skeleton style from head to toe. Grab an easy tuxedo shirt and a deathly debonair jacket and a hat. For a screamin' skeletal look, use an easy mask or create a simple skull face with makeup. See all skeleton costumes, or finish your look with our sugar skull makeup tutorial.

Mens Deadpool Costume Idea

Idea 10: Be the anti-hero: Deadpool Halloween Costume!

Be the badly behaved Deadpool in an "instant muscles" t-shirt and a mask or hat. Go ahead, be a twisted. Justice has a new face, so strut your stuff in a Deadpool costume!

Mens Joker Costume Idea

Idea 11: Be disturbing in a Joker costume

Channel your inner insanity in a Joker costume. Command the Suicide Squad in your green wig and t-shirt. Take it over the edge with make up, crazed tattoos and a menacing super villain grin.

Mens Scary Clown Costume Idea

Idea 12: Be insane in a creepy clown costume!

Be the maniacal clown nightmares are made of! You'll be the main attraction in this carnEVIL costume idea. Create your own cirque du freaky look from masks, hats, wigs, noses and makeup. Grab some bloody weapons for a terrifying twist. If you're feeling creative, take one of our Circus Costumes and give it a creepy twist with fake blood and scary clown makeup.

Mens SWAT Costume Idea

Idea 13: SWAT police officer costume

Prepare for (candy) raids as a SWAT police officer. A tactical vest, gloves, SWAT hat and mirror shades give you a commanding presence. Shop all police costumes.

Mens Witch Doctor Costume Idea

Idea 14: Be bone rattling in a witch doctor costume

The witch doctor is in! An authoritative top hat with faux dreadlocks, feathers and bones will transform you into a tribal witch doctor. Add a jacket, gloves and tribal makeup to cast your spell. Rattle your shell necklace and skull staff to keep restless spirits at bay! See all witch doctor costumes, or complete the look with our witch doctor makeup tutorial.

Mens Zombie Costume Idea

Idea 15: Be flesh eating in a zombie costume

Join the hordes of walking dead in a gory zombie costume. All you need is a tattered jacket and some dreadful zombie makeupto look like you're fresh from the crypt. Add bite to your zombie costume with wigs, gloves and creative flesh wounds.

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