Taller and Smaller Drink Idea

It’s time for tea!

The Mad Hatter would be delighted by this unique tea idea! Check out the how-to below for two versions of a magical iced tea. For a touch of Wonderland whimsy, use these charming chalkboard signs to proclaim that one tea makes you TALLER and the other makes you SMALLER!

Taller and Smaller Drink Idea How To



  • Butterfly Pea Flower tea
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Lavender syrup or tea
  • Blueberry tea (optional)

1) Make blue tea

Brew enough Butterfly Pea Flower tea to fill your carafe or pitcher. This tea brews a deep blue color; remove tea bags when it reaches a shade of blue you like. Add ice or chill in the fridge, then add creamer if you want the opaque look above. Add sugar to your liking for a mild-tasting iced tea, or brew another flavor, such as blueberry, and combine.

2) Make purple tea

Follow instructions to create iced Butterfly Pea Flower Tea. The purple color comes from adding lemon to the tea, and it's really fun to watch! Again, we added creamer for the pretty opaque look. This tea is traditionally served with honey and lemon, but we like adding lavender syrup and sugar to the iced tea to create a Lavender Lemonade.

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