Summer Camp at Home Ideas

by Mary Hoover

While many camps have been canceled for summer 2020, you can create a fun camp atmosphere for your kids right in your own backyard. Think of all the activities you loved about summer camp and replicate them at home using fun products from Party City. Water sports, relay games and nighttime adventures are just a few activities you can recreate for backyard summer camp memories. 


Relay Races

  • Inflatable Starfish Ring Toss Game
  • Toss & Catch Game Set 3pc
  • Glitter Beach Ball

Water Fun

  • Banzai Tug of War Slime Pit Game
  • Water Fight Summer Activity Kit
  • Tornado Tide Water Blaster
  • Fill 'n Pump Water Blaster
  • Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

Glow in the Dark Night Games

  • Patriotic Red, White & Blue Glow Stick Flying Disc
  • Glow Ring Toss Game
  • The Glow Football
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Beach Ball
Summer outdoor games and water toys

Get your Backyard Camp Essentials: 

Step 1: Relay Races

I remember lots of relay race competitions during summer camp as a kid. Often cabins would compete against each other for extra swim time or first in line at dinner. Challenge your kiddos to compete against the clock instead. Set a timer for a minute and see how many times they can toss and catch, keep the beach ball off the ground or toss the rings on the pegs. Beach balls and inflatable pool toys aren’t just for water- think outside the pool to use them in these relay games too.

Kids engaging in a relay race in the backyard

Step 2: Water Works

What camp experience is complete without water fun and games? A good old fashioned water balloon toss or water gun fight is perfect backyard fun. And snag a giant unicorn sprinkler for the perfect backdrop and to cool off in between activities.

Little girl jumping up while a large unicorn sprinkler sprays her with water

Step 3: More Fun After Dark

When the sun goes down, camp fun can continue. Party City sells tons of fun glow-in-the-dark products too. Balls, discs and even ring toss mean you can extend the relay games into the night. Catch fireflies and glowing beach balls too. 

Step 4: "Chalk it up" to good times! 

Don’t forget that bubbles and chalk are always fun for patio play and not just for toddlers. Create mosaic art with chalk and make a “sign” for your camp. Combine the bubbles and water guns for a little target practice fun. By recreating summer camp fun right in your backyard, it’s sure to be a memory your kids will always remember. “Remember that summer we had camp in our backyard? That was so fun!”

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