Spider Man Cake How To

An amazing web-slingin' Spider-Man cake!

Your birthday hero and his buddies will dive into this adventurous cake creation! Make a Spider-Man cake complete with edible spider webs made of yummy Candy Melts, cool fondant buildings and tons of gumballs – check out our Spider-Man Cake How-To below for the details! Don't forget to grab themed dessert plates and napkins to serve your crime-fighter creation with.

Spider-Man Cake



  • 2 - 6 in. cake rounds
  • 2 - 10 in. cake rounds
  • Buttercream icing mix
  • 1 box multicolor fondant
  • 1 box pre-rolled black fondant
  • 1 box pre-rolled white fondant
  • White Candy Melts®
  • Red gumballs (about 40)
  • Black Sixlets® (about 60)


  • Spider-Man birthday candles
  • Fondant roller
  • Fondant smoother
  • Mini star cookie cutter
  • Cake decorating set
  • Pizza cutter or paring knife
  • 16 in. cake platter
  • Parchment paper

1) Prepare cakes

Break out your superhero cake decorating skills! To start, prep your cakes for the fondant by icing them with a thin layer of buttercream icing. (Reserve some icing for attaching the gumballs later.)

2) Cover top tier

Roll out the red fondant from the multicolor boxed set and smooth it over the smaller cake. Trim off excess with a pizza cutter or paring knife.

3) Cover bottom tier

Repeat with the blue fondant for the larger cake.

4) Create city skyline

To create the city skyline, roll out the black fondant and cut out building shapes with a paring knife or pizza cutter.

5) Create building windows

Roll out the yellow fondant and cut out little squares for the windows.

6) Create stars

Roll out the white fondant and cut out stars with a mini star cookie cutter.

7) Attach buildings and stars

Use dabs of icing to "glue" the windows to the buildings and the buildings and stars to the cake.

8) Attach gumballs

Dab the red gumballs and black Sixlets® with a dot of icing each and press them into the bases of the cakes.

9) Create webs

Time to equip Spidey with his webs! Melt White Candy Melts in the microwave and fill a decorating bag with the candy. Fit the bag with a piping tip and draw out the webs in Candy Melts on a piece of parchment paper. Let dry completely, then peel off and arrange on the cake.

10) Top with candles

Arrange Spider-Man birthday candles on top and present to your little birthday hero. He'll be delighted that Spidey's swung by to wish him a happy birthday!

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