Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Sink your teeth into this look

“Fangs a lot” is what you’ll be saying after you put on these creepy chompers. Unleash your inner vampire with this simple transformational tutorial that’s anything but a pain in the neck. 

Woman with foundation and dark eyeshadow

Step 1:

Begin by applying dark eyeshadow. Mixing red and black together will help you achieve a smoky, sultry look. Don’t forget to add dark shadows under your eyes. You can also add a little dark make-up to accentuate your eyebrows—or arch them up, slightly.

Woman with foundation, dark eyeshadow, and dark lipstick

Step 2: 

Next, apply dark lipstick to your lips. Line the edges of your lips with black, then fill in with black or even a deep shade of red. It’s really up to you how much of your inner vampire you want to unleash.

Woman with dark makeup and vampire fangs

Step 3: 

Now add some bite to your look with Sexy Bites fangs. Add the included adhesive to your eye teeth (canines) and make sure they fit snugly but comfortably.

Woman with fangs and fake blood running down her mouth

Step 4: 

Finish off your look by adding a few drips of fake blood around your lips and mouth. You want to give the appearance that you’ve just fed on your latest victim. Now take a look in the mirror—if you can still see yourself. Scarylicious!

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