You’d Be Insane to Pass up This Scary Asylum Porch Decor Idea

Scary Asylum Porch Ideas

Gnaw on demented decorating ideas for a haunted asylum! Everyone may enter...but no one leaves! Freak everyone out this Halloween with a creepy insane asylum theme. Bloody body parts, unhinged doctors, disturbed patients and twisted desserts create a bone-chilling setting for a night of macabre fun.

Idea 1: Show off your collection of body parts!

Grab the attention of incoming patients with a table of body parts fresh from the asylum morgue. Arrange lobbed-off limbs and an array of skulls on tattered bloody gauze. Chains and a leering rat perched on the table heighten the horrific effect. Just don't get too close – the skulls may get a little bitey!

Idea 2: Set the mood with gory-good lighting!

Make their eyes light up...with fear! Illuminate your gruesome scenes with bloody bulb lights that add to the demented decor of your asylum porch.

Idea 3: She'll show you to your room…

Prepare visitors for the haunted asylum that lies ahead with a nurse door decoration. She's got the prescription for an (un)welcoming scene: an askew asylum sign, bloody handprints and twisted chains! Tell your guests this nightmare nurse has got their rooms ready for a long stay.

Idea 4: The doctor will cleave you now!

Let a deranged doctor greet new patients to your asylum of horrors! Hang him from the roof with a cleaver in one hand and his unlucky victim in the other. It'll be hard to tell who belongs in the psycho ward more – him or his patient!

Idea 5: Scare them silly with a rodent infestation

Nothing screams "Turn back now!" like a giant rat gnawing on a skull! Make it seem like a rat horde has infiltrated the asylum with a couple more vermin friends creeping around the skull – nasty!

Idea 6: Something disturbing is afoot!

Visitors will start second-guessing their decision to visit your house of horrors when they see this. Dangle bloody feet props attached to chains from the roof to up the gruesomeness of your porch scene.

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