Pun Intended: Clever Pun Halloween Costumes

Pun Intended: Costumes Too Clever to Pass Up

Funny costumes are always a favorite for Halloween, and who doesn’t love a well-crafted pun? When someone says they don’t like wordplay, we find it pretty punbelievable. (See what we did there?) Even if puns make you groan more than laugh, you’ve got to admit there’s a subtle art to punning. Keep it clever with these pun costume ideas that are easy to execute, not too over-the-top, and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously. They’re also perfect conversation starters, because *someone* at the party is guaranteed to ask, “Okay…what ARE you?” 

1. Cereal Killer Costume

Pun lovers will recognize this as a classic knee-slapper. This accessory kit comes with the cereal box headpiece and a bloody prop knife, so consider adding a splash of fake blood to the rest of your outfit. Breakfast not included. 

2. Holy Guacamole Pun Costume

So cute! Add a modern twist to the traditional angel wings and halo by adding the three iron-on avocado patches to whatever outfit you’re rocking. We needed extra guac—so feel free to bust out the puffy paints if you do, too. 

3. A-Salt with a deadly weapon Costume

This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher, which is kind of why we love it. Added bonus: with this stress-free accessory kit, you can consider your costume done. All you’ll need is a white shirt to wear under the tunic, and either white or black pants. 

4. Smart Cookie Costume

Skip the crummy costumes and go right for this easy idea. Wear whatever you’re most comfortable in, then add a giant cookie, graduation cap and glasses. BOOM! Comedy. You can also turn this into a group costume—tell everyone you’re a batch of smart cookies.

5. Social Butterfly DIY Group Costume

Are you known best for your selfie game? This DIY butterfly costume is simple and works by yourself or with a group. Print out the icon of your fave social media outlet and match it with coordinating tutus and butterfly wings.  

If you’re looking for a larger apundance (last one, we swear) of funny costumes, browse the whole collection.

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