Gen Z Rapper Tattoo How-To

Get your rap (and your ink) on.

Make your mark on the world (and your face) by becoming a tattooed singing superstar! No tat parlor required—just these easy to follow makeup tips.

Man with fake tattoos on body

Step 1:

Begin by pulling your hair away from your face. Apply a tattoo (according to package instructions) on the upper left-hand side of your face, above the temple.

Man with tattoos on his face

Step 2: 

Next apply a cool “Playa” tattoo on your left cheekbone. Really, any street cred tat will do. Now apply a tattoo to the upper right-hand side of your face to balance out your look.

Man with tattoos on face

Step 3: 

Balance your face out even more with another awesome script tattoo, in this case “Lyfe.”

Man with tattoos on face

Step 4: 

Add another tat above your right eye.

Man with tattoos on face

Step 5: 

Add a slightly menacing barbed wire tattoo to the very top of your forehead.

Man with tattoos on face

Step 6: 

Now represent with a big neck tattoo.

Man with tattoos on face

Step 7: 

Next tuck up your hair and put it into a natty man bun/rapper wig.

Man with tattoos on gace

Step 8: 

And finally, accessorize with a fun/nutty/outdoorsy shirt. That’s a rap!

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