NYE Midnight Breakfast Menu Ideas

Midnight Breakfast

Dish out some midnight breakfast and party until the break of dawn! Serve Belgian waffles with fresh berries and whipped cream, or go savory with scrambled eggs, lox and bagels served on bright New Year's plates. Breakfast isn't complete without some OJ, so pour some tangerine mimosas to complete the meal! Fill flutes with 2 oz. tangerine juice, top with 3 oz. champagne and garnish with raspberries.

NYE Midnight Breakfast Menu How To



  • Your favorite breakfast dishes
  • Tangerine juice
  • Champagne
  • Raspberries


  • Champagne flutes

1) Combine ingredients

Fill flutes with 2 oz. tangerine juice. Top with 3 oz. champagne.

2) Garnish and enjoy!

Garnish with raspberries.

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