Nautical Theme Party Ideas

by Jessica Roe

Summers have me longing for the smells and sounds of the beach. I grew up on the Atlantic Coast, and I instantly feel at home as soon as I feel the salt water and sand on my feet. Since I can’t always be on the coast, I try to bring a little of the coast to my home. I always try to host a small nautical theme party each summer, and this summer is no different! 

Nautical Cookies


  • 12 Mini Cookies - Blue and Red
  • Icing
  • Star Shaped Paper Stencil
  • Food Safe Paint Brush


I used two 12 packs of mini frosted cookies to make our nautical cookies. Each cookie is individually wrapped, begin by unwrapping each cookie. Place a star or anchor shaped paper stencil on the cookie, then use a paint brush to paint the white icing onto the cookie. Allow the icing to dry, and serve. 

Nautical Party Decor:

  • Nautical Welcome Sign
  • Coastal Buoy Garland 
  • Relax and Unwind Oar Sign

Bring the High Seas Home

We have a rustic covered porch in our backyard near the pool. It’s the perfect space for hosting parties. I wanted to decorate the space for the summer and outdoor entertaining. The Relax and Unwind Oar Sign was the inspiration for my space. I added a matching Coastal Buoy Garland to the front counter of our space, and coastal decor to the counter. I added outdoor candles and lanterns, as well as my driftwood sailboats to the party space to finish out the space.

Since we are only hosting guests outdoors right now, all of our party ware is disposable. I found coordinating disposal serving bowls, napkins, and simple white paper plates to use when we entertain.