Mummy Crypt Idea

Get wrapped up in an evil mummy!

Open the tomb and the treasure may be yours... but only if you can outsmart a striking cobra, Cerebus the guard dog and the pharoah’s bloodthirsty attendants. This scary Halloween haunted house decorating idea takes it over the top with a fogger attachment and cool themed props. Oh no... get out quick – or stay for eternity!



  • Skeleton
  • Ghoul fogger
  • Fog machine
  • Egyptian costume
  • Potted Sago palm plant
  • Garden hook from home supplies store
  • Mummy-themed props

1) Prepare pharoah

Hang a skeleton on hook in potted palm. Replace skull with fogger; place fog machine on table behind it. Use metal office clips to shape headdress and fit costume snugly; add gauze. Make his mouth fog with remote.

2) Growling guardian

Get a three-headed Cerebus dog to prevent tomb raids.

3) Frightful feline

Stack crates to create a perch for a killer kitty. Decorate with black snakes, votives, webs and gold chocolate coins.

4) Blood-seeking bats

Choose your favorite bat decorations and hide them in shadows.

5) Spider and web

Use wood crates and props to create a scene of rot and ruin.

6) Striking snake with candy

This animated snake lights up and strikes if you try to steal the treasure.

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