Give the Undead New Life With This Mossy Zombie Makeup Look

Look undead this Halloween!

Zombies are one of the hottest Halloween costume looks this year! Follow this makeup tutorial for instructions on how to put on zombie makeup that will make you stand out from the crowd. Please note that some makeup may cause adverse reactions in people with latex allergies.

Mossy Zombie Makeup



  • Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit
  • Black lipstick
  • Biohazard Green Zombie Makeup
  • Makeup sponges
Prep skin & add wounds

1) Prep skin & add wounds

Shave, wash your face and moisturize, then apply a bite with Gory Flesh from the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit. Knead the faux flesh to soften; then apply to skin and shape to form a bite. Or use Flesh Liquid Latex to create peeling "skin"; or Chomped Makeup to add a bite.

Make your skin pale

2) Make your skin pale

Since zombies are dead, they're pretty pale. Using a Stipple Sponge or Makeup Sponge, add a zombie pallor with a thin layer of white face paint from the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit, working around your bite wounds.

Add contour with gray and green makeup

3) Add contour with gray and green makeup

Now use your sponge to add grey hollows under your chin, along your cheekbones and around your bites. Follow up with some green, so it looks like you're bruised near your bites and decaying.

Create dead zombie eyes

4) Create dead zombie eyes

Deep dark eyes are a signature of the zombie look. Make your eyes look dramatically sunken and hollow by drawing black circles around them, following your natural eye socket.

Draw on gory zombie lips

5) Draw on gory zombie lips

Zombies eat gory stuff, so their lips are a combination of red and black. First outline your lips in black lipstick, then fill in the center with red. Smudge your lips together to blend the colors.

Add some blood drips

6) Add some blood drips

Now bite into one of the Black Zombie Blood Caps or drip some Black Zombie Blood from the corner of your mouth and down onto your chin so it looks like you just ate something disgusting. Dab some on your bite wounds too.

Add some biohazard wounds

7) Add some biohazard wounds

Take your undead look over the top by adding some green zombie scars. Create revolting radioactive wounds with some fluorescent green slashes so you look like you were caught in a biohazard blast. Add some bits of fake moss for a zombie-rot effect.

Put on your wig, then go terrorize the town

8) Put on your wig, then go terrorize the town

Now that you're made up, add the Graveyard Zombie Wig. It will go on a lot easier if you slip on a Wig Cap first. Now you're ready for a Night of the Living Dead.

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