Monster Munchies Crispy Rice Treat How To

Bring these monster munchies to life in your kitchen lab!

After your little trick-or-treaters return from trolling the neighborhood for candy, send them to your kitchen to concoct a sweet creation of their own! These monster munchies are easy to bring to life using your favorite crispy rice treat recipe infused with a shock of Halloween decorating. Read our “lab notes” on how to make these monster munchies for your kids Halloween dinner party.

Monster Munchies Crispy Rice Treat How To



  • Crispy rice treats
  • Green food coloring
  • Eyeball icing
  • Black candy melts
Step One

1) Step One

Add green food coloring to your favorite crisp cereal treats.

Step Two

2) Step Two

Melt black Candy Melts in a decorating squeeze bottle and use to secure edible eyes.

Step Three

3) Step Three

Use the decorating bottle to add hair and a silly mouth!

Step Four

4) Step Four

Use chocolate melts for ears.

Step Five

5) Step Five

Add a stick and serve your spooky treats.

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