Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows How To

Nothing's sweeter than Minnie's fruit bow!

Your fab fashionistas will love snacking in style on sweet fruit treats! Find the easy details below in our Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows How-To.

Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows



  • Watermelon, sliced 1 in. thick
  • Red grapes, washed and dried


  • Heart Double Cut-Outs Set (C cut-out used)
  • Toothpicks

1) Make watermelon bow loops

Use straight edge of "C" heart cut-out to cut two hearts per treat from watermelon slices.

2) Assemble fruit bows

Thread the watermelon hearts and the grape onto a toothpick to create bow. They'll love these fruity bow bites!

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