This NYE Party is Inspired by a Starry Midnight Sky

Throw a New Year’s Eve Soiree Inspired by a Starry Midnight Sky

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year while looking forward to the good things to come. It's like they say, out with the old and in with the blue—midnight blue, that is. Set against deep shades of blue, the metallic accents in this pattern remind us of gazing into the expanse of a sky studded with stars. We can’t think of a better backdrop for midnight kisses and resolutions than this soothing, swoon-worthy theme. 

Easy ways to decorate

Decorations set the tone of a party, so transforming your home or event space often takes up a bulk of your time while planning. If you’re looking for a pin-worthy party made easy, decorating kits are the way to go. If a kit isn’t large enough to fill your space, supplement with fans and other paper decor in royal blue or gold.

Set a dreamy midnight table

Whether you plan to dish out snacks buffet-style or serve a full sit-down dinner, you’ll need these table essentials in deep blue hues. Add to the elegance by layering in gold and black details, such as paper fans or noisemakers. 

Mixed metallic balloons

We love these shiny metallic stars that effortlessly complement your tableware and decorations. These balloons act as perfect props for party photos, or are an easy way to quickly decorate a large area. Don’t forget a champagne balloon to remind your guests to pop the bubbly!

Midnight Sky Cocktail Recipe

This simple cocktail is a twist on a French 75. The lemon adds a fresh brightness to the drink, like stars in a dark night sky.

Make a lemon simple syrup by combining equal parts lemon juice and superfine sugar in a saucepan over low-medium heat, whisking until the sugar fully dissolves. Cool completely before using in cocktails.

Add 2-3 teaspoons of simple syrup to a glass and fill the rest of the way with your choice of champagne. Garnish with a lemon peel twist.

Moon and stars balloons

You're going to want at least one of these adorable moon and stars balloon bouquets to consider your NYE party complete. Use extra long strands of ribbon to create a constellation that floats above the party, or anchor them next to the bar or snack table.

We hope these ideas leave you feeling inspired. If you've fallen in love with these romantic blue hues, shop the whole collection. Or learn how to go big with balloons at your New Year's Eve party.

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