Mickey Mouse Cheese & Crackers How To

Make like a mouse and say "cheese!"

Assemble ear-resistible appetizers! Whip up marvelous Mickey bites with the help of our Mickey Mouse Crackers and Cheese How-To below. Butter crackers and cheese slices are a yummy appetizer to serve alongside sweets.

Mickey Mouse Cheese & Crackers



  • American cheese slices
  • Oyster crackers
  • Butter-flavor round crackers


  • Star & Round Decorating Tips #3/#16 (Tip #3 used)
  • Round Double Cut-Outs Set ("D" cutter used)

1) Cut cheese slices

For ears, use wide end of tip #3 to cut two cheese circles for each snack. For face, use straight edge of "D" cut-out to cut one cheese circle for each snack.

2) Assemble Mickey

Position cheese ears on oyster crackers. Place cheese face on butter-flavor round cracker. To serve, position ears along top edge of head.

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