Mickey Mouse Brownies How To

Mickey fans will ♥ these brownies!

Make Mickey Mouse brownie bites to drive the mouseketeers wild. These chocolate-frosted desserts are easy to make – see our Mickey Mouse Brownies How-To below for steps on transforming brownies into magical Mickey Mouse silhouettes. A platter of red and yellow jelly beans is the perfect display for these sweet treats.

Mickey Mouse Brownies



  • Favorite brownie recipe or mix (two family-size mixes used)
  • Chocolate Icing


  • 11 in. x 15 in. sheet pan
  • Cooling grid
  • Round Double Cut-Outs Set ("A" and "D" cut-outs used)
  • Spatula

1) Make brownies

Prepare both batches of batter following recipe directions and spread into greased sheet pan. Bake and cool brownies.

2) Cut shapes

For head, use straight side of "A" cut-out to cut a circle for each treat. For ears, use straight side of "D" cut-out to cut two circles for each treat.

3) Ice brownies

Use spatula to ice brownies smooth. Attach ears on sides of head while icing is still wet.

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