Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Shake your tail as a beautiful mermaid

Transform yourself into a mesmerizing mermaid and prepare to be awash in compliments. Check out the makeup tutorial below and release your inner and outer beauty as this legendary sea creature.

Woman with foundation on

Step 1:

Pull your hair away from your face. Apply foundation.

Woman with green body paint on her skin

Step 2: 

Next, add green body spray to your cheekbones, forehead, collar bone and chest area.

Woman with green and purple body paint on skin

Step 3: 

Cut a piece of fishnet stocking to use as a stencil. Spray purple body spray over the stencil to create a “scale” pattern on your forehead, neck, chest and shoulders.

Woman with purple, green, and gold body paint

Step 4: 

Apply gold body spray to forehead. Add a hint of purple body spray above eyes.

Woman with purple eyeliner and eyeshadow

Step 5: 

Add purple eyeliner and eyeshadow. Add glitter from the yellow and blue color palette.

Woman with false eyelashes and gems on her face

Step 6: 

Apply eyelashes. Also add face gems to face and glitter to your neck and chest.

Woman with blue lipstick

Step 7: 

Apply a thin black outline to lips and add blue lipstick.

Woman with mermaid makeup and purple wig

Step 8: 

Put on a dusty lavender wig to help complete the look. Then add an iridescent shimmer to your face, neck and chest. You’re done!

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