Plump Lips Makeup Tutorial

Become a paparazzi-pleasing celeb

Send friends all a twitter, break hearts (and the internet), as this highly social and beautiful celeb. Follow the makeup tutorial and become a selfie-a-second Halloween favorite.

Woman with makeup on

Step 1:

Begin by pulling your hair away from your face. Then add eyeshadow to define your eyes and make them stand out. Next, use the bronze/brown color from flesh palette to contour your cheeks and the sides of your face.

Woman with makeup on

Step 2: 

Highlight your nose with a lighter color from the flesh palette. Keep contouring your face and cheekbones with the bronze/brown you used before.

Woman with makeup on

Step 3: 

Add eyelashes and eyeliner and more eyeshadow for a sexy, smoky look. Looking good!

Woman with fake lips

Step 4: 

Now apply the 3D FX Transfers Lip/Tuck according to package instructions. It’s fuller lips without the filler price tag.

Woman with fake lips and blonde wig

Step 5: 

And finally, top off your look (literally) with a blonde Revenge Hair Wig. Now you’re ready for fame, fortune and most importantly, a glamourous Halloween!

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