Everything You Need for an Epic Jurassic World Birthday

Jurassic World Party Ideas

With the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie coming to theaters, we predict dinosaurs will be a huge birthday trend all the way into 2019. Considering these massive beasts are already a tried-and-true favorite with kids of all ages, the return of this epic film franchise means dinosaurs will be on every kid’s mind (again).

With our guide, you’ll learn how to create an erupting volcano cake, decorate a large outdoor space with a Jurassic theme and choose the best party activities depending on the age of your guests. If your little one is dino-obsessed, keep scrolling to stomp, chomp and roar your way to an epic Jurassic World birthday party.



Construct an erupting volcano cake

This cake might look a bit intimidating, but it’s easier than it looks—and it looks EPIC. Stack 9 round layers of cake with chocolate frosting between each layer. Sculpt the edges and top of cake with a decorating spatula to create the shape of your volcano. Cover the entire outside with frosting, and then add lava and vines using red, yellow, orange and green icing. Finish your design with candy bar “rocks” at the bottom and mini dinosaur figurines. For added flair, place a shot glass in the space you carved out from the top of the cake and drop in a piece of dry ice. (NOTE: Always wear gloves when handling dry ice!) When you’re ready to serve the cake, pour hot water over the dry ice. And don’t forget the Jurassic World candles! 


Bold colors make this party table shine

When it comes to kids’ parties, the best way to wow is to deck out the table with the characters they recognize. Since licensed tableware is super bright and colorful, pull the look together with solid colors underneath. We started with a natural grass table skirt and layered a green grass table skirt on top. After that, choose a solid color for your table cover: we like how this bright yellow pops against the greens and blues of the plate pattern.


Jurassic times call for Jurassic place settings!

Jurassic World patterned tableware makes it pretty easy to create place setting the kids will love, but we think it’s the little details that can make it really special. Play with color by layering paper placemats and plastic plates beneath your dino patterns. You can also slip patterned cups inside of solid color plastic cups for a new look. This tableware line features a lot of vibrant hues, so go wild with touches of orange, green, blue and yellow.


Create favors as impressive as a T-Rex

These favors are a breeze to make! Fill up Jurassic World buckets with your choice of favors, creating height with tissue paper or paper shred. If your party already includes candy and sweets, it might be best to skip the treats and focus on games and activities like noisemakers, stickers and tattoos.


Easy Jurassic decorating tips

If you’re planning your party outdoors, it can be a hassle to make the whole yard look on-theme, so choose decorations that cover a lot of real estate. Trim the fence with green luau table fringe, then hang green streamers and leaf fans. Finish by stringing tissue paper garlands and leis all along your fence: they look like tropical vines and are super inexpensive. Once you’re finished creating your very own Jurassic world, create a lasting impression (and awesome photo op) with balloons! Spell out RAWR or ROAR with air-filled silver letter balloons, and make sure to get a gliding T-Rex: it doubles as decoration and an activity, since every party guest will want a turn playing and posing with it.


Choosing activities for different ages

It can be tough to find games and activities to keep everyone moving at a birthday party, especially when family and friends of different ages are invited. For younger kids, it’s best to incorporate games they already know how to play, then add in a thematic element. Dino-fy a game of Simon Says by peppering in roars, stomps and growls, and add commands to fly like a Pterodactyl or squat down to be a dinosaur egg. Duck, Duck, Goose becomes Duck, Duck, Dinosaur, and tag becomes twice as fun when whoever’s “it” has to keep their arms curled up like a T-Rex. 

If you have adults or older kids at your party, choose games that let everyone participate. This pineapple bowling game matches the color scheme of the party perfectly and is sure to “bowl over” your party guests.


DIY Volcano Fort

Our favorite part of this party was the DIY Volcano fort. Not only did it totally transform the backyard to look like a prehistoric landscape, but kids can’t help but peek inside and use it as a fort during dinosaur games. We created a shell using corrugated cardboard, but you could also use a teepee fort or another tall, sturdy structure. Use a roll of Kraft paper to wrap the outside; we kept it solid brown, but you could also add details with tempera or acrylic paint. Drape a brown “creepy cloth” from the top, then get the effect of the volcano erupting by taping on shimmery door fringe in red, orange and yellow. Make sure to trim the fringe using scissors if you want the kids to be able to enter the volcano.