Pennywise Party Ideas from IT Chapter 2!

These Pennywise party ideas from Stephen King's IT movies don't clown around when it comes to bringing the terror! Horror fans, Stephen King devotees, and hard-core Halloween enthusiasts will kill for this party theme even after October has come and gone. Pennywise themed parties, like the evil dancing clown itself, never really die! 

Balloons and a party banner themed to the IT Chapter 2 movie

Idea 1: "We All Float" with Balloons

What better way to show your Pennywise party guests "It's time to float" than with creepy red and white themed balloons! Clowns and party balloons go together like Pennywise and sewers. 

Elevate your party with balloons

Idea 2: Beckon Death with Decals

Chills will run down their spines when your guests see Pennywise leer at them through your windows. Blood splatter and a frightening "Time to Float" forewarning really drill the dread home. 

Pennywise is watching... 

Idea 3: Crank up the Fear with Life Size Cut-outs

A Pennywise party is not complete without the shape-shifting guest of honor. Use a life size cut-out of the killer clown to bring it's eerie presence to life. Your cut-out will be the life, or the death, of the party! 

Bring the horror home

Idea 4: Set a Terrifying Table

Your visitors will swallow their tongues when they see your IT themed blood-splattered plates, napkins, and cups! Blood red cutlery adds a frightening finish to the look. Add origami airplanes, a Pennywise mask centerpiece, a black rubber boot vase (for candy or favors), and carnival popcorn boxes to make your guests feel they are sitting down to their final meal... in Derry, Maine. 

Terrorize with themed tableware

Shop the scene of the crime

Idea 5: Get into Character

Live the nightmare of Derry when you dress in character as Pennywise and Georgie. Don't worry, you can wake-up from the fear when the party's over! 

Idea 6: Create the Crime Scene!

Scene setters fare the backdrop you need to transport your party room into the freaky fantasy world of the IT movies. When guests look around they will know there is no way out!

Snag creepy costumes!

Idea 7: Scare them with Light and Sound

Animate your party with decorations that talk and move! These animatronics are a scream...bwahaha.

Amaze with animatronics

A plate of baked goods themed to the movie IT Chapter 2

Idea 8: Blood Thirsty Snacks

Quench their thirst for blood with white frosted cookies splattered with red Candy Melts. Use your favorite recipe for cookies topped with white icing or go with store-bought cookies. 

Supplies to create white iced cookies with red icing in a pattern to mimic blood splatter

For the candy coating

1. Choose Candy Melts in the color red. Melt about 1 cup of candy melt in a small bowl in the microwave at 50% power for 1 minute. Stir and then continue microwaving at 50% power for 30 seconds at a time until completely melted. 

2. Add approximately ½ teaspoon to 2 teaspoons of cooking oil (the more you add, the smoother the finish) to the melted Candy Melts and stir. 

3. Dip a brush in the Candy Melts and sprinkle candy melt on cookies in a blood splatter pattern. 

4. Repeat with a toothpick for fine lines of blood splatter. 

5. Set finished cookies on parchment paper until dry.

A person's hand using a brush to add red icing to white iced cookies in a pattern to mimic blood splatter
A person's hand using a toothpick to add red icing to white iced cookies in a pattern to mimic blood splatter

Browse bloody baking supplies

Idea 9: Deadly Decadent Candy Apples

  • Using the same process as with the cookies, melt white Candy Melts and red Candy Melts in different bowls. 
  • Attach a lollipop stick into the top of each apple, dip into the white Candy Melts until the apple is covered and let it harden. 
  • Add the blood splatter onto the white candy shell using the red Candy Melts as you did with the cookies. 

Now you have two terrifyingly tasty treats themed to your Pennywise Party! 

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