How to Create a Cozy Hot Chocolate Station

Hot Chocolate Station Ideas

You’ve trimmed the tree and decked the halls, and now it’s time to get cozy with a favorite holiday treat: hot chocolate. Make this beverage even more merry by creating a hot cocoa bar that looks as good as it tastes. Our decorating tips will help your hot chocolate station shine bright with glad tidings of comfort and joy. 

Tip 1: Dress up your drinkware

Sure, you could serve hot chocolate in a plain ol’ hot beverage cup—or you could dress up your drinkware in a way that makes hot chocolate look cuddle-worthy. Adding a mini gingerbread house as a mug topper, including a peppermint-flavored spoon, or coating the cup rim with sugar sprinkles are easy ways to add a sweet touch to your presentation. Serving up multiple flavors? Place sticker labels on the cups to indicate the flavor so guests can grab and go!

Tip 2: Fix up festive fixings

Set up festive fixings for your guests to make their own cups of Christmas cheer. Candy canes, sugar sprinkles, marshmallows, peppermint spoons and candy sticks look merry in little bowls and candy containers with scoops for everyone to help themselves. For a special holiday touch, add favor labels to syrup bottles and decorate cups with holly leaves from a tinsel garland.

Tip 3: Light the way

Make the season even brighter with a light-up cocoa bar "chalkboard" sign. All you need is a black foam board, clear globe string lights, paper straws, pine cones and a pine needle garland. To make: Remove the globes from the lights in order to poke through the foam board, then reattach the globes and hot-glue the lights in place. Glue paper straws around the edge of the board, with some pieces of the pine needle garland and pine cones around a festive phrase. Happy holidays!

Tip 4: Go fancy with favors

When friends are ready to take to their sleighs, send them off with favors that savor the sweetness of the season. A mini glass jar filled with hot chocolate powder or a candy apple covered in a sprinkling of sugar “snow” are goodies that your guests will love. To make these holiday treats: Remove the apple stems and pop in twigs or lollipop sticks. Dip the apples in a bowl of white Candy Melts® and dust with sparkling sprinkles. After they've cooled, display them on a silver tray with festive pinecones – how merry!

Tip 5: Serve with Christmastime cookies

Hot chocolate is definitely a favorite during Christmastime, but it also shares the spotlight with another holiday treat: cookies. Make your hot chocolate station a bit more jolly by setting out a tray or two of holiday cookies—gingerbread, sugar, or the classic chocolate chip are sure favorites. The extra touch of holiday goodies will transform your hot chocolate station into a feast of glad tidings!

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