10 Horror Makeup Ideas

Get your scare on this Halloween season with these terrifying makeup ideas! Whether you're a wicked witch, a blood sucking vampire, or the killer clown Pennywise, it'll be Hallow-scream when you transform into these spook-tacular characters. Which haunting look will you try? Check out more of our Halloween Makeup & Face Paint to bring your costumes to life! 

1. Bloody Nurse

Bloody Nurse Makeup How To
  • Wound prosthetics
  • Sponge or wet rag
  • Cotton swabs
  • Fake blood
  • Black lipstick
  • Black eyeliner or eyeshadow

1) Step One

Apply prosthetic FX transfers to clean skin using water and a sponge, just as you would a temporary tattoo. Once dry, use a cotton swab to add fake blood around wounds.

2) Step Two

Apply dark lipstick and thick eyeliner or shadow. Smear eye makeup using water and a cotton swab to achieve a “tear-stained” effect.

2. Scary Clown

Scary Clown Makeup
  • White grease makeup
  • Clown makeup kit
  • Red lipstick
  • Black makeup crayon
  • Setting powder
  • Makeup sponges
Add black eye outline

1) Apply White Grease Paint

Using a makeup sponge, apply white grease paint to your face. Follow the pic to see how to "outline" your large clown mouth and space for freakish eyes. Keep dabbing to blend until desired look is achieved.

2) Add Black Eye Outline

With the black color from the spooky clown makeup kit, outline the eye sockets and fade them out. If you add lines from the eyebrows, your clown face will look positively carnEVIL. Be sure to keep the white and black makeup separate to keep the colors pure — purely freaky!

Add red lips and contours

3) Fill in the Black

Cover the rest of the eye socket skin in black, and add more faded detail where desired. Be sure to follow package instructions for applying black near the eyes. You're almost looking freaky enough for the freak show!

4) Add Red Lips and Contours

Use red lipstick to create a creeped-out grin! Accent jawline and chin with black pencil, and draw laugh lines to look extra maniacal! Tip: Use a translucent powder, applied sparingly, to set the makeup.

5) It's Time to Start the Show!

You're just about ready to clown around! Slip on a wig cap and clown wig, so it completely covers the makeup lines, then put on your nose. You're ready to be the freakiest clown this side of the carnEVIL!

3. Zipper Face

Zipper Face Makeup How To
  • Zipper Makeup Kit
  • Stipple sponge

1) Step One

Apply Spirit Gum to back of zipper using included brush. Be sure to spread evenly and thinly so glue doesn’t protrude over sides of zipper. Hold zipper against face for a few seconds to ensure it fully adheres.

2) Step Two

Use makeup sponge to apply liquid from the “Bloody Scab” tube inside of the zipper. The more layers you add, the more realistic it will look! Use a stipple sponge to create additional texture.

4. Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch Makeup How To
  • Green, black and yellow face paint
  • Witch Nose
  • Black wig
Step Two

1) Step One 

Smooth on green face paint.

2) Step Two

Create accents with black face paint. Use yellow face paint to highlight cheekbones.

3) Step Three

Top off the look by adding a wig, fake nose and a witch hat.

5. Glamorous Vampire 

Glamorous Vampire Makeup
  • Grease makeup in white, gray, and black
  • Eyeshadow in red and black
  • Black eyeliner
  • Lipsticks in black and red
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash glue
  • Fangs with adhesive
  • Fake blood
  • Makeup sponges
Contour your face with gray makeup

1) Make Your Skin Pale

Vampires are always pale since they avoid the sunlight. Start by using a stipple sponge or makeup sponge to apply a thin layer of white makeup from the Classic Vampire Makeup Kit over your entire face, neck and ears.

2) Contour Your Face with Gray Makeup

Follow up with grey makeup in the hollows of your cheeks, under your chin and along your neck to add contour.

Create striking vampire eyes

3) Add Dramatic Eyebrows 

 Now draw on dramatic arched eyebrows with black makeup.

4) Create Striking Vampire Eyes

Making your eyes look sultry is key for a striking vampire look. Mix red and black eye shadow to make a deep red color, then apply it to your eyelids and under your eyes.

Add luxurious lashes

5) Line Your Eyes in Black 

Outline your eyes with a black makeup. Use an eyeshadow applicator to extend the black eyeliner on your top lid out past the edge of your eye.

6) Line Your Lips in Black, Then Fill with Red Lipstick 

 Line the edges of your lips with black lipstick, then fill the center with bright red.

7) Add Luxurious Lashes

Make your eyes extra-alluring by adding false eyelashes. Apply eyelash glue to the bottom of the false eyelash line, blow on it to make it sticky, then gently press the lashes onto your top lashes.

Accessorize with a wig and necklace

8) Add Vampire Fangs and Blood 

Now add some gleaming fangs like the Sexy Bites Fangs so you look like a real vampire. Squeeze some adhesive into the openings on the fangs then press the fangs onto your eye teeth. Next add a trail of blood down your chin, like a vampire who's just fed.

9) Accessorize with a Wig and Necklace

Finish your vampiress look with jet black locks like the Vampiress Wig; just style the bangs as you like. Hang the Deluxe Vampire Medallion around your neck and you're ready to run the town.

6. Pennywise 

If you thought the 2017 IT remake was terrifying, think again! The much anticipated IT Chapter Two movie will take you on a chilling journey with Pennywise and he's scarier than ever. Transform into the horrifying clown this Halloween with @MadeYewLook’s step-by-step tutorial.

7. Mossy Zombie

Mossy Zombie Makeup
  • Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit
  • Black lipstick
  • Biohazard Green Zombie Makeup
  • Makeup sponges
Prep skin & add wounds

1) Prep Skin and Add Wounds

Shave, wash your face and moisturize, then apply a bite with Gory Flesh from the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit. Knead the faux flesh to soften; then apply to skin and shape to form a bite. Or use Flesh Liquid Latex to create peeling "skin"; or Chomped Makeup to add a bite.

Make your skin pale

2) Make Your Skin Pale

Since zombies are dead, they're pretty pale. Using a Stipple Sponge or Makeup Sponge, add a zombie pallor with a thin layer of white face paint from the Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit, working around your bite wounds.

Add contour with gray and green makeup

3) Add Contour with Gray and Green Makeup

Now use your sponge to add grey hollows under your chin, along your cheekbones and around your bites. Follow up with some green, so it looks like you're bruised near your bites and decaying.

Draw on gory zombie lips

4) Create Dead Zombie Eyes 

 Deep dark eyes are a signature of the zombie look. Make your eyes look dramatically sunken and hollow by drawing black circles around them, following your natural eye socket.

5) Draw On Gory Zombie Lips

Zombies eat gory stuff, so their lips are a combination of red and black. First outline your lips in black lipstick, then fill in the center with red. Smudge your lips together to blend the colors.

Add some biohazard wounds

6) Add Some Blood Drips 

Now bite into one of the Black Zombie Blood Caps or drip some Black Zombie Blood from the corner of your mouth and down onto your chin so it looks like you just ate something disgusting. Dab some on your bite wounds too.

7) Add Some Biohazard Wounds

Take your undead look over the top by adding some oozing green zombie scars. Create revolting radioactive wounds with some fluorescent green slashes so you look like you were caught in a biohazard blast. Add some bits of fake moss for a zombie-rot effect.

8) Put On Your Wig, Then Go Terrorize the Town

Now that you're made up, add the Graveyard Zombie Wig. It will go on a lot easier if you slip on a Wig Cap first. Now you're ready for a Night of the Living Dead.

8. Gory Zombie

Gory Zombie Makeup
  • Special effects prosthetic scars
  • Liquid latex
  • Single-ply tissue paper
  • Zombie Makeup Kit
  • Setting powder
  • Black lipstick
  • Teeth paint
  • Zombie blood
  • Makeup sponges
Break out the scars!

1) Break Out the Scars!

A blank face is a blank canvas, so pick your theatrical scars and bullet holes to go from living human to gruesome zombie! Apply the scar and bullet holes according to package instructions. Once the wounds are done, dab a thin layer of liquid latex with a sponge over the areas of the face that you want texturized.

2) Apply the "Rotted" Skin

While the latex is still wet, rip up single ply tissue paper and press onto latex. Cover up the tissue with more liquid latex, and continue to layer until desired "rot" is achieved. The more layers, the more you look like you want brains for candy!

Bruise the skin

3) Bruise the Skin

The undead bruise in striking colors! Use burgundy makeup from the gothic kit to create a deep bruise look around the eyes, mouth and forehead (be sure to check package instructions for use around the eyes). For the texturized skin, cover it with flesh-toned or yellow makeup, and blend the burgundy and yellow colors together. It will look irregular like a massive bruise!

Step 5: Set the makeup

4) Add Zombie Dirt 

 Zombies have no use for cleaning up after they shamble out of the grave, so why not add "dirt" to this look? Smear the zombie dirt around the cut, below the eye and running down the cheek. The darker spots of dirt will also mark where to put sickly black zombie blood later on.

5) Set the Makeup

Look at your face and add any more dirt or bruising to look sufficiently undead. Once all the final touches are made, set the makeup with powder to keep everything in place while you're hunting for brains!

6) Finish the Costume!

Add details like black lips, tooth paint and, last but not least, dribble black zombie blood around the wounds and below the eyes. You'll look fantastically gore-smattered while you're marauding for braaaiins!

9. Scary Nun 

If you’re looking to really freak out your friends this Halloween, check out this terrifying makeup tutorial of Valak from The Nun. This look was conjured up by @MadeYewLook. Watch the video and shop below!

10. Black & Bone Skeleton 

Black and Bone Makeup How To
  • White hairspray
  • Black makeup
  • White face paint
  • Silver makeup

1) Step One

Smooth on white face paint to both face and neck.

2) Step Two

Apply black make up to nose and eyes. Outline bones on chest and cheeks. Fill in with black make up. Blend bones on chest for a ghostly look.

3) Step Three

Use shading to create teeth and spine.

4) Step Four

Tease and spray hair with white hairspray. Fluff hair and go take a “skelfie”.

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