Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Friendsgiving Party Ideas

Shopping for kids is easy—they know exactly what they want, and probably even created a handy catalog for Santa. For everyone else, finding something affordable and thoughtful is much harder, and the list seems longer every year!

Don’t stress: we’ve collected our favorite gift-able holiday gear for you to explore. Discover unique gifts for teachers, friends, and everyone else on your nice list!


Gifts for your favorite hostess

We all have that friend who’s always willing to share her home when there’s something to celebrate. You’re probably already invited over to her place for Christmas this year, so make sure to grab a gift that’s equal parts fun and classy, just like she is.


Gifts for *all* of their teachers

Depending on how many of your kids are in school, teacher gift lists can get out of control FAST. Keep it in budget by sticking to classroom supplies you know they’ll use, and adorable decor you know they’ll love.


Gifts for your dog’s BFF

Being a dog walker is not all wagging tails and puppy kisses—it’s also cold weather and bad dog attitudes! Show some love to your canine’s favorite companion (or any of your friends that calls themselves a “dog parent”) with these fun gift ideas. They can cozy up for their morning walk in a hat and scarf patterned with Christmas lights, and start a game of fetch with a Snowman flying disc and tennis ball set. We especially love these kitchen towels—don't forget to wipe your paws!


Gifts to make everyone cozy

This collection works for anyone who loves to snuggle up on cold winter nights. Whether you’re shopping for your bestie, mom, or favorite coworker, everyone on your list could go for some fuzzy socks and a cup of cocoa.

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