Hanukkah Tablescape Ideas

by Jeannette Kaplun

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights and it’s a beautiful tradition that commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. During Hanukkah, on each of the eight nights, a candle is lit in a special menorah (candelabra) called a 'hanukkiyah' to celebrate the miracle of oil lasting eight days. 

Hanukkah-themed tableware

You can easily create a beautiful Hanukkah tablescape in just minutes without breaking the bank, thanks to all the themed merchandise available at Party City.


  • Hanukkah Tinsel Garland
  • Hanukkah Woven Placemat
  • Happy Hanukkah Guest Towels
  • Happy Hanukkah Platter
  • Metallic Dreidels 48 ct
  • Hanukkah Confetti Mix
  • Star of David Placemat
  • Hanukkah Plastic Serving Bowl
  • Little Menorah
  • Menorah Drip Tray
  • Dark Chocolate Chanukah Gelt Bag
  • Kosher Chocolate Gelt Bag
Hanukkah-themed tableware and menorah


1. Set your table with a white, blue or silver tablecloth. Accessorize with festive placemats.

Hanukkah menorah

2. Place the hanukkiyah in the middle of the table on top of a drip tray. You can have as many menorahs as you wish, since the idea is celebrate light.

Plate of donuts (called sufganiyots) on Hanukkah-themed tableware

3. Place platters for the traditional fried foods served during Hanukkah, like potato latkes and donuts (called sufganiyots) so everybody can help themselves. In another serving bowl, put milk chocolate or chocolate coins called gelt. Don’t forget to put napkins nearby.

Blue metallic dreidel-themed confetti

4. Use confetti and metallic dreidels to decorate your table. Kids love to spin the dreidels!

Hanukkah-themed tableware

5. Finally, secure a metallic garland around the table to add a pop of color and make it extra festive.

Hanukkah-themed place setting with menorahs
Hanukkah-themed chocolate coins
Bowl of Hanukkah-themed chocolates
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