How to Organize a Halloween Parade

by Brittany Davis-Morris

We are currently in the middle of a pandemic and not able to see our friends, some neighbors, and family the way we used to. I would have never thought we would not be able to go to our play dates, dance classes, birthday parties, or even some local parks to meet new friends to play with. 

Since most of us have been stuck in the house for most of the year and our kids cannot bear another minute inside the house during yet another holiday, I have decided to organize a neighborhood Halloween parade! We all know those people who go all out with the Halloween displays that look like a haunted house or that's decorated to the fullest with spooky decor. Although those are fun to look at and what we expect, Halloween is an interactive holiday and much better celebrated with other children, neighbors and friends.

The one thing we love about Halloween is the fun and creative costumes! Since the goal is to social distance, how fun would it be, if you and your neighbors decorated your vehicles for a spook-taculous parade?!

What is a Halloween Parade?

What exactly is a Halloween Parade you might be wondering? Since trick-or-treating and other traditional Halloween festivities probably won't be happening this year, a Halloween Parade is a way to still get dressed up, pass out candy, and trick-or-treat, all while maintaining a safe distance from others. Think of it as a new way to enjoy Halloween. 

Similar to the drive-by birthday and graduation celebrations that swept the country this summer, the idea of this drive-and-wave parade is the same. The goal is to celebrate the holiday safely and make it fun and memorable, especially for the kids! 

Web Finished

How to Organize Participants for a Halloween Parade

Now that we have an idea of what type of parade we will be organizing, here’s how to get your neighbors involved on the spooky fun. Check out this quick to-do list to organize a Halloween Parade with your neighbors:

  • Create a poll for the neighbors on NextDoor or your local Facebook group asking if they would like to participate in a Halloween parade.
  • Create a survey where a max number of drivers can choose a theme or if neighbors would rather volunteer. Encourage and remind the participants and neighbors to shop at Party City for all things Halloween!
  • Pick a date, time, and location for drivers to meet for the Halloween parade and make sure it is acceptable with the drivers. Be sure to also ask for suggestions of dates and locations to make things run smoothly.
  • Make a flyer to announce to neighbors they will be voting for the best vehicle.
  • Create a voting link for onlookers to rate the vehicles with the best Halloween decorations. During the evening up until the parade, take some time to put flyers in each neighbor’s mailbox asking them to participate. Make sure to place the link on the flyer as well.
  • Hire a photographer and videographer to capture the creativity of each vehicle for this fun new way to celebrate Halloween. The videographer could even live stream the drivers on Facebook for others to watch!
  • Send weekly announcements to remind neighbors to be outside to wave and participate. Voters and kids will be dressed up in their costumes for added fun.

My Drive-and-Wave Halloween Decor

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do for my theme and I decided to do the Creepy Crawly Spider Theme! Super simple and fun Halloween theme idea. I bought all the materials from none other than Party City, which is the best Halloween store, in my opinion. 

Big Spider
Creepy Cloth

Here’s what I got from Party City:

  • Giant Spider Webs (used 4 bags)
  • 7-foot Hairy Spider
  • Gray Creepy Cloth

Shopping Tip: If you consider yourself an uncreative person, come up with a theme, reimagine it and think of 3 important pieces you know you will need. Then go to your local Party City (or shop online) and walk through every single aisle. You never know what can support your creation!


Honestly, the spider webbing intimidated me. I was not sure how many bags I needed that would give the vision I wanted. But it turned out great. The key to making the webbing look even is to continuously stretch it out. The more you stretch it out the better it will look. See the difference below:

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