Halloween Makeup Ideas

Take your costume to new heights of fright with our Halloween makeup ideas. These easy Halloween makeup looks include scary, cute, creepy, easy, on-trend or gloriously gory Halloween makeup you can do right at home. And don’t forget…if you’ve got it, haunt it!

New Halloween Looks

Woman dressed as a mermaid

Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Transform yourself into a mesmerizing mermaid and prepare to be awash in compliments.

Woman with butterfly makeup

Butterfly Lashes Makeup Tutorial

Take flight as a beautiful butterfly. Transform yourself into this dazzling creature without using a cocoon.

Woman with fake lips and blonde hair

Plump Lips Makeup Tutorial

Send friends all a twitter, break hearts (and the internet), as this highly social and beautiful celeb.

Man with tattoos on face

Gen Z Rapper Tattoo How-To

Make your mark on the world (and your face) by becoming a tattooed singing superstar!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Woman with sugar skull face paint

Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

Create a scary(and fun)Day of the Dead or Sugar Skull look that’s the living end.

Man with joker face paint on

Joker Makeup Tutorial

A clever and easy makeup transformation that tells the world you’re not clowning around.

Girl with tiger makeup

Tiger Makeup Tutorial

The big cat’s out of the bag because we’re going to show you the secret of how to unleash your inner tiger with this fun and easy makeup tutorial.

Boy with skeleton face paint

Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

No bones about it. Creepy, fun and super easy, your skeleton will be a Spooktacular hit wherever you go.

Classic Halloween Makeup Ideas

Woman with Chucky makeup on

Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Get all dolled up for Halloween as everyone’s favorite pint-sized protagonist.

Man with zombie makeup

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Not so fast but oh so frightful, being a zombie on Halloween is oh so delightful.

Woman with witch makeup on

Celestial Witch Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to the simple tutorial, the stars have aligned perfectly for you to become a beautiful celestial witch.

Woman with vampire fans and makeup

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

“Fangs a lot” is what you’ll be saying after you put on these creepy chompers.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Mera from Aquaman Makeup Tutorial

Video: This Makeup Tutorial of Mera from Aquaman is Simply Stunning

Makeup artist Alexys Fleming of @MadeYewLook shows how to create a simple-yet-stunning look for Mera, the love interest of Aquaman.

Unicorn Makeup How To

Were you born to be a unicorn? Grab the glitter and get ready to look majestic!

Girl wearing yellow shirt and heart eyes emoji inspired makeup

Heart Makeup How To

We heart fun icons! Your friends will be all heart eyes when they see your DIY costume this year.

Young man wearing gory zipper face makeup

Zipper Face Makeup How-To

Win Halloween with a gory zipper face. Prepare to creep out your squeamish friends with this crazy makeup effect.

Scary & Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

DIY Halloween Costumes Made Even Easier Color Clothing Basics

10 Horror Makeup Ideas

Get your scare on this Halloween season with these terrifying makeup ideas!

Gory Vampire

Zombie Makeup Ideas

Transform into a gruesome member of the walking dead with these zombie makeup tutorials!

Person dressed in nun habit with creepy makeup

Video: Scary Nun Makeup Tutorial

If you’re looking to really freak out your friends this Halloween, check out this terrifying makeup tutorial of a possessed nun!

Woman dressed as skeleton with haunting skeleton makeup

Skeleton Makeup How To

Haunt with a bare bones look Scare up your Halloween costume with our haunting how-to guide. Get inspired to take your skeleton statement from spooky to positively ghoulish.

Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Woman wearing sugar skull inspired makeup

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup How To

Bring your Day of the Dead costume to life with shriek-tastic sugar skull makeup! Learn how to create vivid sugar skull looks for men or women.

Mad Hatter

7 Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Gory and spooky not your thing? Fear not!We've got 7non-scary Halloween makeup ideas that you'll love.

Woman dressed in black feathers with dramatic dark makeup

Raven Makeup How To

Make your Halloween night out totally magical by transforming into a mesmerizing raven.

Woman with pink and purple galaxy makeup

Video: This Galactic Makeup Tutorial is Out of This World

Leave them starstruck this Halloween by rocking of one of the biggest costume trends: the galactic makeup look.

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